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Default Naming the top 3 raptors you want gone in order and why?

here is mine in order:

1) Jose Calderon - huge contract, reached his peak, cant stand his defense and his lack of aggressiveness on the offensive end. plus his shooting, which is sopposed to be the biggest weapon, has degressed imo in recent years. also extremely injury prone. and since the team is rebuilding, he isnt necessary for the process. whether u like bayless or not, i think hes shown the ability to run the team as a starting point guard for now (based off his stats and efficiency as a starter this year), or hopefully irving if we somehow manage to draft him....only if getting rid of him wasn't easier said than done

2) Sonny Weems - simple. he chucks too much and isnt a good enough shooter to do so. Now complains about his role and lack of minutes. like cmon, i think he allowed last season to get to his head and assumes hes a legitimate nba player. imo, hes still gotta prove his worth. needs to play smarter and way more consistent. plus there are players such as derozan, barbosa, arguably bayless (can play sg, occasionaly sonny does too) who play more efficient and effectively or have more upside than him. therefore, we are redundant at that position and he is the weakest link imo. he is easily replacable via free agency

3) Alexis Ajinca - pure scrub. plays too much like a wannabe bargs, except cant shoot worth shit and fails to live up to his potential as a defensive presence with length. very passive player as well. in the little playng time he gets, he annoys me deeply. can see why dallas got rid of him. i know his contract his small, but even so he is just a waste of space.

agree or disagree with my order and decisions or whatever, thats great. either suggest your own top 3 or own the shit outta my decisions lol. either way....discuss :cookie:
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