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Default over/under - the final cut

There's something I did not foresee as far as the vegas line for the final game goes - it appears it will not be set, or will be set very late, due to the likelihood of Miami resting their starters. The same goes with the majority of NBA games for the final night in the schedule, all of which I intended to use for tie-breaking purposes.

Here's the race for the top ten for round three, which will advance to the playoff round.

o/u bonus total
1.lankganglia 19 10 29
2.pzabby 14 10 24
3.RaptorsandBuckeye FaN 15 7 22
4.Alex 14 7 21
5.jeffb 14 7 21
6.Super_Size_Swag 14 6 20
7eazy187 13 7 20

8.raptorsfan345 14 5 19
9.Shifty.py 12 7 19
10.DanH 12 6 18

iRaptor 11 7 18
js12 12 5 17
Rudy-T 13 3 16

Psi 12 4 16

Bankiz 10 6 16
J-Bo 10 6 16
kishan13 9 7 16

Lankganglia has clinched a first place finish

pzabby, R+Bfan, jeffb, Alex, SuperSizeSwag and eazy187 have all clinched a top ten finish

raptorsfan345, Shifty.py, and DanH are all on the bubble, with iRaptor, js12 and Psi having a chance to sneak into the top ten if there is a chance to make use of a line from vegas for the Toronto-Miami game.

Unfortunately Bankiz, J-Bo, and kishan13 came up just short.

A big thanks to everyone for making this a nice competition during a season where our team wasn't so competitive.

Now - in the case of there being no line set in due time, I think it would be fair to go with the current standings, which requires no tie-breaker, and does not take away an opportunity from anyone, since iRaptor, js12, and Psi have already advanced to the playoff round in previous rounds. I considered playing one last game using the few games that had a vegas line as both a replacement for the Raptors game, and as a possible tie-breaking mechanism, but I feel that would possibly squeeze any one of three guys out of the playoffs altogether, without having had an honest chance to properly clinch their place with choices in a Raptors game.

So if there is no line by 10pm. I'm going to just go with the way things are. If a line appears by tomorrow morning it is going to mean a big rush to come up with potential tie-breakers and get entries from everyone. I'll keep an eye on vegas and you can keep an eye on RF and if nothing appears by 10pm, then consider it another season of o/u in the books.
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