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OK, I get the Miami Heat is the most hated team in the NBA and all (mostly because of LeBron), but even before we got LeBron and Bosh I would have said the same thing I'm saying now. Dwyane Wade has been better than Kobe Bryant since the 2008-2009 season and is the most underrated and underappreciated superstar of his generation.

One fan on the Heat boards once said "LeBron at most is 5% better than Dwyane, but Dwyane will receive about 5% of the recognition and props that LeBron gets", and it's 100% true.

Back on topic though, Wade vs Kobe, Wade no doubt. Back in 09, Dwyane Wade finished 3rd in voting for Defensive Player of the Year, but Kobe got the nod over Wade for All Defensive First Team. How? Kobe and LeBron before "The Decision", were the NBA's poster boys and golden childs. Now because everyone hates LeBron, they jumped on the Durant ship (momentarily, now they're all on the Rose bandwagon) and of course they are still sticking with Kobe like glue.

Before everyone says Kobe for first team, let me just point out the stats and situation.

Wade: 25.6ppg 6.4rpg 4.5apg 1.5spg 1.1bpg 50%FG 76%FT 31%3 25.5PER in 37.2mpg.
Kobe: 25.2ppg 5.1rpg 4.7apg 1.2spg 0.1bpg 45%FG 82%FT 32%3 23.8PER in 33.8mpg.

Now before you guys point out that Wade plays about 3 and a half more minutes per game than Kobe, I would also like it to be known that Kobe shoots the ball 19.9 times a game on average to Wade's 18.3. So Kobe takes more shots than Wade in less time and less effectively at that.

Dwyane Wade has proven to be the better defender between the two (although there have been times where Wade was lazy on defense, such as against Nick Young and Ray Allen for example). Also, Wade had to change his game up a bit this year, playing off the ball more than he has ever done in his basketball career because LeBron has the ball so much. So for Wade to only drop by about a point and an assist, but still be able to stay on par and do better in some areas to that of last season (when both he and Kobe made First All NBA Team, not to mention Kobe's season isn't better than his previous one), should alone make Wade First Team All NBA.

With all of that said, I expect Kobe to get the nod over Wade for First Team All-NBA, because as a Wade fan we're used to him constantly being overlooked. I'm not just saying this as the Heat fan that everyone seems to hate, I'm speaking truth here. Dwyane Wade will probably never get the respect (as far as recognition) he deserves, and it's sad to say that (for example Colin Cowherd saying Rajon Rondo was better than Wade last year, Kenny Smith saying Durant was better this year and the media automatically saying the Heat are LeBron's team upon arrival).

/End Rant.
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