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Originally Posted by TuggleBled View Post
... and only states the obvious.

the Raptors aren't the redeem team! wowzers! holy baloney batman!

bosh needs to get meaner, throw some elbows? no shit. our team has been the biggest vagina since 2001.

good job zicarelli!
You mustn't forget that what's obvious to you and to the relatively few people who follow the team closely and know their basketball might not be obvious at all to the Joe Q. Public.

Our sports media is bad to say the least. In terms of basketball, it's either openly homeristic or vaguely critical. As far back as I can remember, only Feschuk had the guts to write some pointedly critical articles about the Raps from time to time. I am not making Zicarelli into the second coming of Red Auerbach, but in that piece, he is making some legitimate demands of our franchise player and I don't see anything wrong with that, anything at all.

Once again - no player on Team USA has a luxury to play with such talented cast during the NBA season (save for the meaningless ASG). However, he is absolutely right in pointing out the very different role Bosh played on that team as opposed to the Raps, while players like Bron, Kobe or Wade (except for the latter coming off the bench) played a role very similar to the one they assume in the league play. He then proceeded to point out the weaknesses in Bosh's game that have been there for years and that should be improved upon if he is to fully assume his franchise player mantle. Again, what's wrong there?
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