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Default The hard truth about the rebuilding Raptors

I had a realization that I felt I needed to share with the rest of you and it is simply this:

Taking everything into account, I honestly don't see many changes happening to this club at all over the next two-to-three years (four in the case of a lockout). That's not to say there won't be any changes; I'm sure BC will be making several more moves during his tenure here. Rather, I think BC has realized that the major flaws in our plan the last few years has been threefold:

One, building around a single player who cannot carry a franchise (I'm generally skeptical about the whole "franchise player" idea; the only players who I feel can fit that status are ones that impact the defensive end as much or more than the offensive end, while doing both at a very high level, which typically can only be done by players who play around the basket and those who have to guard opposing wings i.e. dominant centres, power forwards and small forwards. So in short; LeBron, Howard, Duncan, Garnett, Shaq, etc.

Two, the frequent player turnover and the lack of chemistry and confidence that can have on a club.

Three, the idea of plugging roster holes with veterans/free agents instead of building a team from the ground up through the draft, and small trades for players with potential that will develop together.

With all that said, here are my predictions:

BC stays for another three years, period. It's best to finish something once you've started it. And don't expect Triano to be leaving anytime soon, he'll be here as long as BC is, provided he doesn't shit the bed.

As for the roster, Andrea isn't getting moved until at least the season after next to give him a fair shot at being the #1 option. I also don't see Jose getting traded unless we get another offer like the one with Chandler, as Bayless is far from being an 82-game starting point guard. As for the rest I think the core is mostly set: DeMar, Davis, Bayless, Johnson, and to a lesser extent Alabi and Kleiza. I think all of these guys are going to get their fair shot at being the players that this team begins to contend for a championship with, as crazy as that sounds now. Stop all this 'we need a star player' talk; we aren't going to trade for one, we won't be a favoured destination for free agents anytime soon, and you have to get extremely lucky to land a player in the draft who becomes an all-star within three seasons. If we do become a playoff team, and eventually contenders, the next few years - it's going to be with a team-based focus, ala the Detroit Pistons.

This is the hard truth guys, so if you don't like it, you aren't going to enjoy watching the Raps for a long time coming.
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