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Those comments by Kendrick are juss plain ignorant.....ig'nant actually.

As for Amar'e's comments, he's improved alot as a player, but he's still not better than Pau. And the few players in the league that are better than Pau know better than to call him soft (w/the main reason being that it's not even true anymore, and hasn't been for a few yrs now: Pau's toughness shows itself in ALL areas on defense).

Really, if people cared to see all of Pau's play where there's no statistical reward, the media would be saying that Amar'e juss pwned himself. But as it is, he's in NYC, where talking out of one's ass isn't only forgivable, it's encouraged. Especially if you can sound cool while doing it.

EDIT: Sorry, the Raptors bad play at halftime had clouded my judgement.

What I should've said is that while Amar'e has improved alot as a defender and go-to guy, to the point that I feel he's now a better overall player than Pau (but its still a marquee matchup of course, as they're both bonafide all-stars), he's the only player ahead of Pau who is silly enough to call'em out as if he's still soft. The only time Pau was ever soft was the '08 Finals, when Boston's killer defense had caught everyone off guard & such.

The laughable Raptors bad halftime score + silly comments all clouded my judgement for a time! Sarry! :cookie:

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