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I'm not entirely sure to be honest.

One side of me says, well, he operates here in Canada which is at a disadvantage as a market (and this is true regardless of what we as homers think).

He's made some clever trades, firstly bringing Turkoglu in and gaining the MLE, grabbing Amir, grabbing Bayless, grabbing Hump for Haffa etc.

Also we seem to have some basketball IQ at the top levels with Maurizio, the departed Ujiri (sp?) and the scouting department.

Then he's struck out with his handling of a departing Bosh. Not the idea of trading him, but really tarring and feathering him and making it public.

Not dealing with the PG controversy quickly which seemed to have some locker room implications as well.

Not keeping things 'in house' if you will. Too many leaks that seemed to have hurt this team in a public image kind of way (or had).

And really, handing out FA's bad contracts, Kapono, Fred Jones coming top of mind. I know he made a play for Salmons, but Kapono instead of Pietrus still kinda bugs me.

Also his lack of really committing to one plan until having been forced to but the youth is looking good.

One part of me, is saying, well, it was 5 years and really, it's been a disappointment and a failure to this point. Little playoff success and poor spending of money. But...

I think what I do here is re-sign BC as ONLY the GM and not the President of the club and provide a leash if you will (Donnie Walsh may be available) and only have 3 years instead of 5. Eight years is long enough imo.
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