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Originally Posted by DDaring View Post
Wrong. I left it out because I was acknowledging that he didn't play well in that series. Just like you said you left out games 3 and 4 against the Raptors because you were acknowledging he played well in those games. In fact, that's pretty much exactly what you said.
Nice try. But, when I posted a response, game 3 and 4 had already been mentioned, so my omission was granting what you'd said. When you left out the rest of the playoffs, nobody had mentioned it yet. You just selectively chose games. And after criticizing people earlier for not providing examples. If you knew he sucked so hard in those other games, why would you request the examples? You now say you knew he sucked.

Impressive. Any more excuses you want to throw out there?
It's the reality of the situation. Garbo was gone, Bargs was hurt, the starting lineup had limited playoff experience. Reality.

And you left out the fact that the Nets were without their 4th best player (Nenad Kristic) for the entire series, whereas the Raptors had all of their 4 best players available for the series.
Uh, not if Garbo is considered one of the Raps top 4 players in terms of value. He was gone. Debatable, given what he brought to the table.

What I said was put to rest. 'trane and I even exchanged PMs about it.

It was dead and buried until you and Psi mysteriously decided to resurrect it, and didn't even involve anyone else to begin with. Nobody knows why you guys did, but you did.
As I mentioned before, I thought the thread was more current when I saw it near the top of the NBA section.

As for "[it] didn't even involve anyone else to begin with", other people frequently join into conversation on internet forums, even when a user address a particular person. I see it on every form I visit (basketball and non), so it shouldn't matter.

They were a lower seed without one of their top 4 players. It is not an oversimplification at all.
Again, the Raps were missing 2 of their top 6 players (Garbo and Bargs) for significant portions of the series, and one for the whole thing.

How often does the 6th seed beat the 3rd seed?
I could probably look that up. But it's not the right question. How often does it happen when the higher seed is so lacking in playoff experience and is missing 2 of their top 6 players in key games. It was not a typical 3 versus 6 mathcup.

I don't think it was an oversimplification at all. Most of the rest of the team played well. Had Bosh played even average the Raptors would have won the series. Bosh shot 3-15 FG through the first 3 quarters of game 6, the most important game of his life. In the 4th quarter he settled for a jump shot that he clanked over Richard Jefferson when he had plenty of time to drive. In the ensuing play, he failed to stop RJ who took him all the way to the hoop for an easy layup. If he succeeds in either of those plays, the Raptors win the game.
Are you now looking to focus solely on game 6? Because that's a different point than the one you made before when calling Bosh the "main culprit". You noted his series numbers. That suggested that you were blaming him for the series. I called that an oversimplification, since a number of things going differently could have possibly pushed the Raps over the top. If you want to focus solely on game 6, then I'm not inclined to disagree.

So, I guess you really don't believe the series was over after game 4, eh? Because when you were praising Carter's game 3 and 4 performances, you suggested it was already over.
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