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Originally Posted by Ammo View Post
I'd have to say that hockey, on ice would be the hardest sport to learn from scratch. Almost hopeless for a couple of years, really. For soccer, if you are able to run, you have a shot to get going. As for F1, used to be a fan. some drivers were better than others, but it was about the car for the most part, just like horse racing is about the horse.

When they finally put me in charge, I am going to come up with a new definition for sport. If it includes confrontation, it is sport, if it does not, it's going to have another term like competetition. I suppose soccer is included in sport, LOL. But you have got to move away from the acid test for great sport being how many people play.

It is about given a wide range of choices and means, which would people choose. For example, a lot of people drive Honda Civics. It is within their means, but given a ton of cash, people are looking at Range Rovers, Escalades, Ferrari's, Porsches etc.

And no reason to get all sensitive. The whole board is just about opinion, so no one is being personal. Don't forget that we are on a basketball board and people will tell you to your face that basketball sucks and it is just a bunch of freaks with no skill jumping and dropping a ball in a basket.
I've played a lot of sports, and I would say that golf is one of the hardest to get good at. Hockey I found farely easy to get the hang of, for me at least. Everyone is different with coordination and everyone has specific skills if athletically inclined at all. I think all sports have their difficulties to learn and it all depends on the individual and their strengths as to wether or not they learn quickly for any particular sport. So to say one sport is harder to learn depends on the person learning it. Another thing I find is that when I was growing up I played sports 5 nights a week outside with friends, on top of organized sports, sports at school. It was constant, and you don't see that nearly as much now. A lot less ball hockey is being played, a lot less box ball being played, a lot less pick up football being played. The more sports you get into the more adaptable you are and the quicker you can pick up any sport.

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