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You know it Barracuda. Here's N.W.O., filmed right in the middle of the '92 L.A. riots, when the courts acquitted the cops that beat down Rodney King:

For real LX. The thing is that the entire FBI, CIA, US Supreme Court, and many folk in Congress all have too much to lose w/the truth of 9/11 coming out. But that doesn't excuse the president for not persuing the truth, as with more mainstream coverage, the entire country (and world community) would demand a real hearing (like how half of NYC did after the 9/11 Co-mission came out; they still haven't gotten it). Now I'll go read the article you've provided (and thanks).

-Yeah no doubt that the torture & other power abuses @ Abu-Graib & Gauntanamo hindered dialogue between USA & the Arab world! That's why its so important to get the truth of 9/11 out there, that Dubya and co. fuckin did it; so willing to kill their own people, of course they're willing to torture Arabs thereafter; they even killed the Constitution w/the Patriot Act, wherein they could seek to get away w/the torture.

-Re: "America was excoriated for preaching civil liberties and civil rights and then givingthe Middle East torture practices which sometimes seemed indistinguishable from those of the dictators they had deposed."....

Me!:....It'd be great if the Middle East knew that not only was 9/11/01 an inside job, but that George Bush Sr. was once head of the CIA, Osama Bin Laden was a CIA agent in his service, and the Bin Laden's helped initiate the Bush's oil business. And Bin Laden was being treated at an American hospital in the Middle East on the morning of 9/11/01 (I forgot which country; I think one of Qatar, Kuwait or UAE). I believe all this info helps connect the dots better; Bin Laden was his willing patsy. It's not out of the question that Bin Laden is being hid w/help of Dubya's camp, and thus prolong the wars in Afganistan & Iraq (and thus continue to drive up oil prices - let's not forget then-VP Dick Cheney has very strong ties to Halliburton as well).

-Re: "Moreover, they fixated on the covert relationship between the American CIA and the intelligence agencies of their own regimes, a partnership forged in torture as much as intelligence gathering." .....

Me!:...A-ha! So they did begin to know! Good! However, not good enough, as this knowledge is only shared by those who've done heavy homework, both in North America and the Arab world. But its an excellent start, w/a number of citizens of both lands understanding that the primary leaders of both lands are nothing short of str8 up fucking evil.

-Re: "In these countries, the CIA developed special arrangements with local security organs--they would import prisoners they wanted tortured, and their local collaborators would do the torturing, often in the presence or even under the direction of CIA officers.".....

Me!:....Consider this along w/considering the fact that when the missile (not plane) hit the Pentagon, a whole bunch of suits lined up on the lawn in fully organized fashion, and picked up all the debris: This completely goes against proper procedure of leaving the evidence exactly where it is, so the local police & military police investigators (as opposed CIA & FBI) can fully do their forensic work. In its most fundamental form, the CIA @ the Pentagon performed a cover-up in the same fucking hour that it happend (I wonder if they knew they were being caught on camera?).

W/all this to consider, who in their right mind would trust the CIA, or even the FBI? The only difference is one unit's jurisdiction is fucking over America, and the other is fucking over the rest of the world. Of course, on special events like 9/11/01, they celebrate their work together.

-Re: " “Suleiman said, 'It's no problem. We'll just cut the brother's arm off and send it to you.' The CIA replied that a vial of blood would do just fine, thank you.” These are the words of a monster. Yet as the unrest spread in Egypt, the CIA moved aggressively to promote their man, Suleiman, as Mubarak’s successor--a move that promised to strengthen their already powerful connections to theEgyptian state, and to subvert the dreams of millions of Egyptians for a new state that promised human dignity and democracy." ......

Me!:....Wow. Just...wow. I feel a little persuaded to say now that Egypt is slightly ahead of America in terms of getting legitimate leadership, as at least they know the Mubarak regime had to go. What'll it take for Americans to understand that both the CIA & FBI have no place in a true democracy/free country, and that all too often, both presidential candidates are ever so willingly tied to the same 7-headed dragon?

-Re: "It’s difficult to forecast the way forward in Egypt. Throughout human history revolutions launched for idealistic purposes have been hijacked by singleminded men who proceeded to create simply a new kind of tyranny. Successful revolutions, like the one that Americans launched in 1776, have been rare.".....

Me!:......As long as the revolutionaries in Egypt hold fast to ALL the FULL reasons & principles why they wanted the revolution, have no cracks (as in, they'd be ready to protest all over again if threads of tyranny show themselves in any shape or form), and concede absolutely nothing to 'special interest groups' within and without the country, then they'll have their revolution's full fruition. If they hold to these things fiercely, their 2011 revolution will be even stronger than America's in 1776.

-Re: "Moreover, the forces opposing this revolution are formidable. The key institutions of the Mubarak state are still there. The armed forces, with their own vast commercial interests and deeply entrenched corruption, have now moved to the nation’s power apex. American diplomats speak of their support for democratic reform and a realization of the electoral franchise. Yet other Americans lurk in the shadows, working with the military and the remnants of the old torture state, plotting against these very reforms--a fact which undermines the confidence of ordinary Egyptians in the words and sincerity of Barack Obama. And on the other hand Egypt was the birthing grounds of modern radical Islamists, groups which killed Anwar el-Sadat and have long formed the determined and suppressed opposition to Mubarak. It’s unclear whether the aspirations of Tahrir Square will be realized, and a long waltz remains to be danced between the forces of the old Egypt, the “brothers” and the core constituencies of the revolution--the aspiring middle class, professionals and students. So far, however, the revolutionaries have demonstrated pluck and ingenuity. It would be a serious error, yet one the American intelligence community is prone to make, to write off the reformers and work to uphold the vestiges of the old Egypt.".....

Me!:....I humbly disagree w/many of the assessment made in this paragraph, except towards the end where he compliments the revolutionaries.

1) The key institutions of the Mubarak state are only still there b/c they're under evaluation from the revolutionaries. Nothing more. They're seeing what needs to be killed, what manner its to be killed in, and study how the future quisling infiltrators will try to weasel their way in via beauracratic bullshit to destroy what they're working for. Make no mistake: these revolutionaries are something fierce, using their youth and nerdy tech-savvyness as cover to how freakin clever they really are. I believe they're 5 steps ahead of the game, and those who seek to make threads of dictatorship be woven in the revolution are none the wiser (unless of course they're reading our wonderful thread, here on raptorsforum.com!).

Why do I feel this extreme confidence, you might ask? Well for starters, the 30yr old who lead the revolution is one hell of a smart guy. What's more, he's a Google employee. If anything happens to that guy, you got the biggest corporation in the world breathing down your neck. What's more, they surely were giving him useful information to cover for where he lacked. Even more, whatever 'dictatorship' type things the quislings (or American CIA, etc) seek to infiltrate the revolution with, will undoubtedly not only be reviewed by trustworthy revoltionaries, trustworthy military personnel, but also be reviewed by good people at Google. This effectively renders American politics moot in the revolution, juss as they had no part in it from January 25th 2011 to when Mubarak stepped down. They told America's politicians "We don't need you" (I specifically remember Wael Ghonim saying that), and they still don't.

2) Most of Egypt's armed forces entered due to mandatory service, and are fully loyal to the cause (if they weren't, the revolution wouldn't have gone as it has). Yes, I acknowledge that taking down one dictator opens up potential for more greedy little shits to spring up, but again, these people are being closely evaluated by all good internal and external forces - especially the power hungry ones who use their military status as a cover to hide their true intentions, which they'll inevitably show when asked the tough questions about the new Egyptian constitution being drafted up.

3) The confidence of ordinary Egyptians may be shaken, but I sincerely doubt the revolutionaries are fazed. If anything, they're letting the quislings and American CIA and 'special interest groups' have their little fun right now (ie- building cases).

4) Egypt is also the most advanced Arab country there is. Thus, while they have their share of radical Islamists, they're in the minority, and they're being fished out right now as well. They'll only be able to mask their true intentions for so long. Especially if the revolutionaries know which questions to ask.

Lets also not forget that in the past 30yrs, Egypt's education system has grown bigtime, thus while they were the birthing ground for radical Islamists in the 70s & 80s (back when Russia invaded Afganistan; we're living in different world now), thanks to education, their power & influence now isn't nearly what it was back decades ago. Double that, given the citizens are all looking to Wael to continue to be the centerpeice, as he has the moral heart, democratic heart, education, charisma, and connections to right the ship.

Re: "Increasingly it is difficult for an ethical citizen to serve at the CIA and in other intelligence services. And that fact threatens our nation’s security."....

Me!:...Then its doubly good to know that Wael Ghonim & his crew have American billionaire citizen's help. W/all that's going on in North Africa, preparation for 2012 campaigning for the White House, Egypt's work into transitioning the country to a true democratic power, and the CIA's innate greed, chances are slim that the CIA's dealings w/Egypt don't include much outright masking of their true intentions, and most likely at their very best, their behaviour is nothing short of predictable political gamesmanship. Thus stating, perhaps Wael & crew, w/Google's help (and thus police help too, as the police have no loyalty to the peice of shit CIA & FBI) are killing two birds w/one stone, getting info on the vile CIA tactics en route to Egypt becoming awsome.

Re: "Most of these cases involved serious crimes, including homicides, kidnapping, assault and torture. In no case was the agent subjected to serious disciplinary action. Just the opposite in fact: Involvement in torture programs marked them for advancement.".....

Me!:...This is a big issue, one that no one in the White House can hide from. The fact that now more than 2 full years into his presidency Obama hasn't done anything significant to bring about justice, juss goes to show what kind of person is currently in office. 2yrs in, there are no pretty words to mask why there have been no significant steps taken to rectify the CIA's crimes, especially that of the CIA cunt who fucking ripped up Khaled el-Masri's life (but really, w/all else about this clown Obama, what else could we expect, eh?). Really, don't fuckin trust Obama, his cronies, the FBI, CIA, or even their fucking Supreme Court. No one is getting justice w/them, unless its minor, inconsequential to the scheme of things regarding thier power, or in some ways make them look good & heroic. "Competence and excellence take a back seat to covering up crimes," not juss in the CIA, but all levels of the American political & judiciary system. This has been going back to Rodney King days, and absolutely certainly even before.

Re: "If America today is viewed as being on the wrong side of the Arab Revolution, as an ally of the oppressors who run the torture cells where prisonersare systematically humiliated and degraded--and not with the crowds calling for freedom, democracy and a better life--then the CIA and its torture-byproxyscheme is the principal reason why.".....

Me!:....And that's why its imperative to not trust anyone that I mentioned before. Hopefully our friends in the Arab world understand that not everyone in North America is a stupid sheep.

Re: "With a total intelligence community annual budget in the vicinity of $80 billion, the expenditure of funds has mushroomed and vast resources have been lavished on the Middle East. But for all of that, American intelligence has been lobotomized."........

Me!:...Now that is motherfucking funny! Holy fuck! Wowsers! $80 billion....for what? Hot damn that's like giving Reggie Evans a maximum contract, a signing bonus, 1st captain, centering our defensive schemes around him, and making him the 1st option on offense! (Hint: he isn't even worth the minimum; don't let his rebounding numbers fool you, as he does next to nothing to achieve stops, and our offensive efficiency is significantly hindered when he plays - hence, a perfect analogy to the budget for ALL of America's intel agencies!)

Oh boy I'm tired! I juss spent 4 total hrs workin on this, makin sure I got my facts straight n all them goods! No video games for me this night. I'm in the mood for some more Ministry though!

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