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Originally Posted by moremilk View Post
not sure why you keep arguing ugo - the reality is that similar US teams have been beaten more than once in the past 10 years. So it is possible. And those teams were featuring just as much starpower as the current one. Obviously USA has the best players in the world, and they are big favorites against any opponent (you could probably argue that if USA fields 10 teams, they could potentially go 1-10 - that's how deep they are). But still -they are not invincible.

During the past decade, they have shown a few weaknesses, 3pt shooting, pick and roll defense, free throw shooting, focus and intensity - these are areas where they were NOT the best in the world. When it comes to speed, strength, agility and stamina, there is no country coming even remotely close.

So the bottom line is that while the americans are by far the best, they are not the best AT EVERYTHING. So once in a blue moon, they can lose. Especially if they are not 100% focused.

Also, I think the current team was really the best they could field. Duncan doesn't do well in international basketball, especially with the guard oriented style employed by the USA. And at 1, 2 and 3s, they had the best players in the league. So I'm not sure whether having KG or Duncan would have made any difference whatsoever.

No, the teams they fielded before these Olmypics didnt gel well because they werent together for 3 years like this team was. And if you consider the team that had Antonio Davis etc as good as this one...

But yes some were, but they were thrown together quickly and expected to dominate, i agree this cant happen anymore, but you give them years to prepare and play together like all these other national teams do (actually those teams have played together for far more then 3 years), and a stable coaching situation, they will always own.

Duncan isnt crap internationally, he just knows the reffing is horrid and its not worth his time. Tim is never one to complain, yet he did in international play, because its a joke.

Again, if they move the 3 point line back, all these guys that hit 3s now but arent nearly as consistent in NBA 3s, it will make USA crush people even more. The gap has closed, but its still a gap, and if USA takes it seriously they will prove it everytime. I have doubts they will take it as seriously in 4 years tho.
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