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I said in a thread a long time ago, making the line closer for international ball is bullshit and was a move to make much less talented teams have a chance to compete with the states, i never heard of them moving the line back, but if so.... GG world, it will be worse then before.

You can call me ignorant or whatever personal insults you want, i wont stoop to that level by personally insulting you because our opinions differ.

Gasol is a 2nd tier allstar at best, to say he is considered one of the true best is a lie. He is definately very good tho. Did he even play in the finals? I missed his disappearing act??

Rubio will be the starting PG in the future for Spain at the next games, no?

Plz, STOP CRYING about the walking/traveling... while your entire team flops around like fish, and jumps off the bench to question every call and gets in refs faces in ways no NBA ref would tolerate without getting T'd up. Until you stop treating basketball like soccer with the "play acting" you have no right to talk shit about any traveling. GG see you in 4 years and if the 3 point line is moved back... wow.

The playing field is closer then 1992, but not as close as you make it seem.... the USA has still yet to send its truely best team. Think about the orginal Dream Team? Your talking a starting lineup made of mostly all 50 greatest ever. They dont have that kind of team anymore, but like i said, with the exception of Redd (who btw would still start on any euro team), the last men off the bench would at worst be the 2nd option (Boozer) or even the go-to guy on any other team, until you can seriously argue different, theres still a HUGE gap!! Imagine USA truely sent its best team, KG, Timmy perhaps Amare and one can argue for so many other players. Hell my $ is the USA could send 2 teams that would compete for a medal.

Oh let me add, i dont really watch euro basketball for the same reason i dont really watch MLS soccer, why watch a subpar product when you can watch the best?

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