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Originally Posted by Ammo View Post
I have the explanation for that performance.

The were indulgining ill all that Latina Vegas has to offer in Oakland.

And I'm sorry that Bargnani gets most of the blame for poor defence, but that comes with supposedly being the man on this team....and being here for this long. For as long as he has that tag, and I hope it won't be long, he's going to have to lead the team in making sacrifices if they are to be any good.

I could easily pick any guy and say, "James Johnson has got to step up his defense and rebounding". You'd be wondering why I would say something like that because he is not the one being clowned and mocked on TV, print, forums and on opposing benches and he is not the one with ridiculously low totals in certain stats.

Not that this is a championship team, ut how many have a supposed "guy" who does not defend and wins anything? People were clamouring for Bargnani to be the man, well, some things have got to come with that. sorry, but I'm unimpressed.

Bottom line.....whose team is this?
My point is that you shouldn't be saying Bargnani is the man on this team..... it's a team. We're rebuilding around many pieces, none obviously a 'franchise piece'. People rave about Reggie leading us, but then we should be bitching that he is not a good leader cause guys should be following his lead. The answer is to stop blaming AB as a franchise player. They are all bad defenders at this point. Don't pick one guy. Yeah, AB misses alot of assignments, but if you watch others, they do too. It wasn't easy watching Ellis and Curry do whatever they wanted out on the perimeter.... but I won't blame only Bargnani for that. AB has warts... but they all do. He's just a piece, not the piece. In time I think more will see that, but right now they are blinded by the perception that every team has a 'go-to' franchise player.
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