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Default General Feelings About the Draft

If the ping pong balls fall the right way we're going to get a top five pick as it stands now. Not the #1 pick you Kyrie fanboys were hoping for but a top 5 pick nonetheless. I'm more than happy with that - actually I'm excited. With the way things have shaken down so far this tournament I like our chances at getting a very good to great player at 5.

At the beginning of the year it seemed like it was Irving or Sullinger or bust. Then you had Walker, Barnes, Jones, and Valancunias (sp?) step into the fold. Now you have Derrick Williams emerging as a star prospect and not having the number one pick all of a sudden doesn't look like such a bad situation. Someone will drop and a great prospect will fall into our lap at five, it's inevitable. Not just a BPA type situation, but a BPA who will be able to address a glaring need for this team. If Barnes continues playing the way he has this tournament, I think he'll go top three. That's fine with me - as I've watched him more I see him as more of a Marvin Williams than a Brandon Roy. I think one of either Walker or Williams will be there when we pick at five. Both guys are absolute studs and will fill huge holes for us.

Walker is the penetrating, break you right the fuck down point guard that this team has needed since boogie. Dude gets his shot off against anyone and he's a big game player. But Derrick Williams...freak athlete with unlimited defensive and offensive potential. He's as athletic as anyone in the draft and I'm confident he has the tools to be a 3 in this league. He has range, can handle the ball, and he has the size and quickness to lock down threes in the NBA. I'm thinking Danny Granger but tougher and more athletic. Shawn Marion with more offense. Another big game player - huge And-1 against Texas and taking a big steamer on Duke in the Sweet 16. He'll be a great rebounder from the wing so he'll fit well next to Andrea.

Have to get back to work now. But I'm excited boys. Hope you all are too.

Edit: boys and girls

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