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imo the conservatives did this on purpose, thus i agree with you trane, but possibly not for the same reasons. i believe that currently, there are no parties that enough canadians have faith in to overthrow the conservative monopoly that has been canada in recent years. liberals are still scarred by their scandal(thankyou smear ads) while the conservatives are spending billions on what, fighter jets? the liberals are also without a strong political leader. ignatieff is smart as are most politicians, but he does not have the showmanship required to win an election(see:trudeaumania). also, ignatieff has spent a large chunk of his life in the U.S(thanks again smear adds) and therefore canadians just dont believe he knows what it takes to be, well, canadian. harper is devious and corporate poison but because hes a strong showman, he has and i believe(sadly) will win again. ignatieff reads french poetry while harper watches the olympic hockey finals in vancouver. ignatieff needs to understand that being "posh" does not relate to the majority of canadians, i.e middle class. he needs to take his lifestyle(at least under the cameras) a step down to have a fighting chance.

and let's face it, the bloc can't win, the NDP won't. there just arent enough supporters. one of the biggest thing helping harper stay up top is how the votes are split up. its sad the NDP are as different as they are from the liberals because if they merged, it would be an easy victory for the leftists.

i smell as do most people another election, but im not too hopeful on a different result. i fear harper may even win a majority this time
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