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Originally Posted by 'trane View Post
i don't know if there is meaning in any objective sense. why would there have to be? life is what you make it, what you want it to be. for me that's about family and community, about finding ways to contribute and to try to improve things for the people i come into contact with and who i share this world with. what happens to my mind and my body after i die is irrelevant, since i can't possibly know what that will be. what i can control, to the extent that it is controllable, is the impact i have while i am here. i take great comfort in imagining the possibilities that this life has to offer.

we are but one species on one small planet. it seems enormously far-fetched to believe that there is some purpose to our existence, and that god made the 'land and earth' for us, and the rest of the universe is just empty, with no purpose. it seems far more likely that it is all random, that life has no objective meaning, and that we can do with this time what we want.

i find this idea liberating. i choose to do things without need of reward. many may think this is an arrogant approach, but in my opinion, doing things for the good and not for the reward is precisely what doing good is about. doing things becasue you are fearful of what happens after death or because you want to reap the benifits of heaven is a selfish act, not a selfless one. as long as you posit that good exists in selflessness (which i believe, but which is by no means a certainty), reward and fear cannot be the motivators.
Good answer (as long as the other two), and I agree That doing good for a reward is not a good reason (Calvinist?). I didn't want to make a point just a question on the meaning of life (small question!).
Probably my english don't allowed me to be more clear.
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