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Originally Posted by Breakonthrough View Post
so the most non religious person you've ever met, that doesn't beleive in god per se "sounds like any person in the world that has tried to convince someone to believe in their god."

if you were me, how dumb would you think i am for saying something so utterly retarded?

please explain to me why i shouldn't think you're a fucking moron now?

its always better to ask questions than assume. assuming makes and ass out of you AND me.

you should keep in mind that nothing i posted is religious AT ALL. so......i'm not sure why u posted that......interesting reply to say the least.
i took belsius to mean that you seemed messianic about the ideas you were putting forward, and i got that impression as well. the point is not that the content was religious, but that the way you put it forward seemed to be prosthelytizing.

if you want to argue with someone, go ahead, but we don't tolerate the sort of personal attacks that you just made. belsius made a point that you wre welcome to refute, but there's no need to suggest that he's a 'fucking moron'. consider this a warning.
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