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Originally Posted by Benzo View Post
No way we can judge the 2006 draft today. Rudy Gay makes no-one an immediate contender, and Roy nobody argued would have the best start of anyone in the draft as he is most NBA ready.
I know a couple of people who told me going into the draft that B-Roy was clearly the best prospect in that draft -- not just right away but going forward. Just because the so-called "experts" didn't see it that way, that doesn't mean a good GM couldn't have traded down and taken Roy.

Roy had a Player Efficiency Rating (PER) of 19.3 last season compared to Bargnani's rating of 10.6 (after a 12.8 PER in his rookie season). Bargnani would have to make a ridiculous leap in performance to get where Roy is right now, nevermind Roy in his prime.

I give Bargnani 20 games this season to prove he can live up to Colangelo's hype. This talk I've been reading of giving him 5 years to develop is a freakin' joke on a number of levels. Show me a star player who suddenly blossomed in his fifth season and I might give it some credence. True star players like Bosh, Nowitzki and Garnett showed much more promise than Bargnani in their rookie years and then showed significant improvement each subsequent season. Bargnani has to show that kind of improvement this season or else the apologists will officially sound foolish.

Sorry about the thread hijack, but I feel strongly about this topic.

Edited to add: I just thought of an example of a star player who did, in fact, suddenly blossom in his fifth season. It was Jermaine O'Neal in 2000-01, his first season in Indiana. Of course, he was 18 as a rookie and languished on the bench for four seasons in Portland and he was still only 22 when he blossomed. Bargnani will be 23 at the start of this season.

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