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Originally Posted by BballWatcher View Post
Does everyone forget that the trade deadline has passed?


I'm all for trading Jose in the offseason if a better replacement or prospect (read: Kyrie Irving) is secured. But if not, just trading Jose with no replacement in check is idiotic. We go from a team with a starting PG to a team with a gaping hole, and teams will consider our desparation to fill the spot in trades.

Right now we could probably easily get a guy like Jonny Flynn in the offseason (especially since Rubio is reportedly coming over this offseason). If we just dump Jose first, then they will want a lot more for Flynn, since we desparately need someone to run the point.

That is why dumping Bargnani for nothing is also ill advised. We become like so many other NBA teams with no reliable player at C.
i'm going to assume that 'everyone' and 'idiotic' refers to me, since i hold some of the positions you seem to be arguing against.

-i said trade him asap. that includes an understanding of the trade deadline. in this case, asap begins right after our last game of the season. that's why i didn't say 'trade him right now'.

-dumping jose for nothing is exactly what we need. cap flexibility has some value, although that is unpredictable. but he is useless to us. we will be terrible again next year, and having jose is not going to change that. with him we may win an additional 5 games, and that is being generous. we are better off without him, even if thast means losing, and he clearly has no future on this team as long as he is getting paid that much.

johnny flynn is most certainly not a solution for us. but if there is no one suitable, i'd rather lose with a d-league guy making nothing than lose with a low-quality nba player making $9 mil.

time to move on. jose is the past and he needs to go. he has no value going forward ecept as an extremely expensive mentor that has never won anything significant at the nba level. we don't need to spend that kind of money to mentor someone on how to bring the ball up and pass to our best player, nor do we need a mentor on bringing drinks at half time. after that, i have no idea what he has to teach.
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