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is back baby

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What action to take
There are things you can to do control pain and spur recovery. As soon after the injury as possible, you should elevate the injured-side leg, compress the site of injury, and apply ice (put a styrofoam cup filled with water in your freezer; once the water is frozen, peel away the top edge of the cup to expose a core of ice, and gently rub this nub on the injured area for about 12 minutes at a time, recovering for 20 minutes between rubbings). You'll want to stay away from walking, jogging, and running for as long as moderate-to-severe pain persists. Some therapists believe that very gentle manual massage, working from the lowest area of discolouration toward the central area, may hasten recovery and reduce discolouration. A non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug may be prescribed, as well as a diet rich in antioxidants (see accompanying article).
The length of time you'll be out of action depends on whether you have a first-, second-, or third-degree groin pull. Generally, first-degree groin sprains are simple bruises of the adductor muscles (or hip bone), with possibly a stretched tendon or a few stretched muscle fibres. If you have to have a groin pull, first-degree strains are the ones to have: major symptoms typically disappear within a week.
A second-degree groin sprain involves stretched tendons, stretched or torn muscle fibres, and often bruising of the hip bone and its muscular attachments. They are usually symptomatic for two to three weeks. Lastly, a third-degree groin pull is represented by many ruptured muscle fibres, severely stretched tendons, and perhaps separation of a tendon from either its muscle or bony attachment. Symptoms can persist for six to eight weeks - or even longer.

Really its gonna screw him up for the Olympics but it isn't really serious. Pretty common injury to athletes.
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