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Bargnani vs Nowitzki.... the stats.

What are you looking for Toronto?

I find it really interesting how there seems to be so many people aboard the trade Bargnani train. I've read other forums and people talk about him as possibly a good 6th man. (That might be true down the line...) But lets look at some stats.
(Per game) POINTS | REBOUNDS | ASSISTS | BLOCKS | FG% | 3PT % | Turnovers
Bargnani - 21.8 | 5.5 | 1.7 | 0.7 | 0.454 | 0.330 | 2.5
Nowizki - 22.8 | 6.7 | 2.5 | 0.7 | 0.525 | 0.424 | 1.94

Now this isn't saying that they're even close to the same skill level...yet, but considering Bagnani hasn't been the focal point till this year, and is still getting use to the double and triple teams... I think offensively he's doing quite well. Specially since unlike Dallas, Bagnani doesn't really have anyone to take any of the focus away from him yet. (Though DeRozen is looking to be that strong candidate.) And lets face it, as long as they keep running plays for him on the perimeter and don't use him more down low (this is the coaches fault... they like that high starting position in the post, they did it with Bosh too.) He's going to continue to be out of position for rebounds.

Bargnani (unless he hires some kind of fitness guru to work on it with him.) will never be an outstanding defensive player.... however, he's shown moments of fight down there... and people really don't get that when someone like Derick Rose slips in behind the Defence and score on Bargnani... it's not necessarily his fault... the guys covering your point, shooting guard, and power forward positions let those guys get bye them in the first place.

Last words on Bargnani... to whom I still have hopes. If he can show more of the fight that I've seen sparks of lately from him on defence... I think he'll be ok. (Better than Bosh was at least... if only because of his height.)

James Johnson can keep his guy in front of him... which means less of Bargnani trying to defend 2 players. Not only that the fact that Johnson & Johnson are playing together take the rebounding pressure off of him a bit. It's tough being double and triple teamed on offence and then asked to go and guard the other teams big guy. (Garnet, Duncan, Gasol...etc.)

P.S. Seriously... there's not that many people out there that can score 20 points as easily as Bargnani can. He's just got to get that FG% up... and that'll come with maturity. Dirks 4th year in he was only at 0.477 FG% and 0.397 3pt% ... Pretty close to what Bargnani has right now and once again... his team was loaded with guns for hire via Mark Cuban. Not young... guns. (I know ... wha wha... )
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