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Saw "Winter's Bone" last night.

Character driven movie where not much really happens.

Every year the Oscars put up a movie that has hidden deep meanings that all the intellects claim have a bigger message than what is really there.

So I guess if I say it was BOOOORING and slow, it's because I am not smart enough to really know what was happening.

Guess I be slow then.

Here's a review from IMDB:

Powerful!, 7 July 2010

Author: williamzim2000 from United States

I'm reluctant to write a review of this, because the movie is so good I'm afraid my vocabulary will fail to convey the power of this work, thus understating its excellence. I write it only in tribute to the director and writer, to shower praise on them for this exemplary film.

The story offers us a glimpse into the lives of the white trash that dwell in the backwoods of the Ozarks. Theirs is an existence in dilapidated morals, and equally dilapidated shelters. The entire setting is a metaphor for the absence of civilization in their lives. They are, as addicts and fabricators of methamphetamine, little more than animals who have lost their souls. The story follows one young girl as she travels through this hell of a world, looking for her drug addicted father. She is desperately trying to keep a roof over her head, sheltering her little brother and sister and catatonic mother. So desperate is their condition she has to suffer beatings in her pursuit,so starving is her family she has to catch and skin squirrel to feed them. There is such empathy for her cause, one gets totally pulled into the story in sympathy for her.

While I won't give away the plot, let me say the way it is told is wonderful. It is completely realistic, the softest and simplest of lighting, keeping colors muted. Never is there a suggestion of a Hollywood technicolor look. The actors are all perfectly cast, and perform with total conviction. And being unknowns, they work because we believe they actually came from this local.

My highest praise to Debra Granik for her faithful direction, and Anne Rosselini's script, for knowing how to keep it real. Never is there a moment in this movie that looks staged or rehearsed. We become so engrossed in the stark realism of the run down world we never once question its authenticity. A true accomplishment. Please go out and see it to support these film makers.
He just told you the whole film. Yes, it was very realistic. Watching white trash scrape through life. How that is "brilliant", I dont know.

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