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Cleveland is definitely drafting Irving. Unless Toronto picks above Cleveland, there is no way we're getting Irving. Sorry guys, we'll have to settle for getting Myck Kabongo in 2012.

I think Minnesota will take Sullinger given a chance. A front line of Love/Sullinger/Beasley would be a really good foundation to build on. He's a safe pick and a good fit. It's not hard to justify picking Sullinger at #2.

Sacramento needs help in the back court more than front. I think the best fit for their roster would be Barnes, if the coaching staff were to develop him as a 2/3. Though, I think they'll take Perry Jones based on hype. Perry Jones has too much hype to slip any further than the #3 pick, IMO.

At the #4 pick (where Toronto currently resides) that leaves Terrence Jones and probably Harrison Barnes (maybe Perry Jones) from the top five prospects. I think any of those guys would be a good pick, though I'm more intrigued by Terrence Jones because he's a top competitor in a top program, and he has an all around game and a big frame.

HOWEVER - my crystal ball says that the Raptors finish strong and overtake Washington and New Jersey.

Washington would take Perry Jones at #4 if he were available, though I think they'll take Terrence Jones (because I don't think Perry will slip).

New jersey will probably take whoever's left out of Perry/Terrence/Harrison at #5 (my bet is Harrison Barnes).

If Toronto picks after Washington and New Jersey, all of the top SF prospects will be gone. At this point, what does BC do? I think he takes Kanter or Valanciunas. Kanter or Valanciunas would be brought along as the second big off the bench to begin with, but if and when they start to break out, whoever of the other bigs is underperforming will be dealt (hopefully Andrea - that means that BC will be drafting Andrea's replacement ).

Out of Kanter or Valanciunas, I think BC will go with Valanciunas. Jonas' rate of development over the last couple of years has been exceptional. He seems to have an excellent work ethic. He dominates his age group, and is a solid contributor in the Euroleague. Also, he has a clean bill of health, and seems likely to fill out even more. He has a really good frame that can support the extra weight. From what I've seen (not much, but not just highlights, some live game action too) Valanciunas is a scrapper. He has an excellent motor, really battles for rebounds, and has a nice touch around the rim. He'll need to develop a short to mid range jumper, and from his skill level I think he's likely to do so.

In short: get the welcome mat out for Jonas Valanciunas Raptor fans!

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