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Originally Posted by Rimpianto View Post
Usually I only read this board but today I want to make an exception.

"Bargs doesn't defend the line as a common C." True, he isn't a C. Never will be.
Plus he's not a good defender, we all know that, but if our opponents blow our perimeter D so easily you need a really good defensive C to react so fast. He isn't, but a better perimeter D would give him a little more time to react and rotate.
"He camp around the 3-point line, than the paint, which is where a normal C has to defend." YES, but he is usually guarding opposite PF, so often he's not under the basket.
He doesn't get many rebounds. Absolutely true. But there're some but. I see him usually going out to contest shots after a D rotation, so he's out of position. This don't justify his entire game, but it's something to be said.
And really, the problem is to have 7 or 8 in the boxscore? Because I think that would be really easy to solve. He's never the one going for the board after a FT attempt, he just needs to grab a couple of those and magically he'll have 7-8 a game. This in not going to solve our problems, but hey, he got 8rpg!
"On offence he's often camping out on the 3pt line." Maybe, that's because he's our only reliable 3pt shooter and our pfs don't have a mid range game, so the paint is often saturated by them. Last game vs Miami the offence moved quite well, result has been a lot more space for his drives.
"Sometimes he looks out of focus and lost", true, but I think he doesn't have a great instinct, so he needs to know where to be and what to do. Our team doesn't play much of a team game. It looks more like 5 guys improvising.

I'm sure that for all the haters these are only excuses as usual and you all know that I'm a homer, but I just wanted to share my thoughts. Feel free to bash

Pointing out grammar mistakes is welcome
Dude, you should really post more often... well said.
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