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Originally Posted by Benzo View Post
WAYYYY different dude, and you know that.

To use your examples, AWill and Mo, both would have stayed if they could. I am a raptor fan, and I hate every other player and team when they are playing us. Mo and Alvin included.

Mo kissing the floor his first game back, pleased me as a raptor fan...if I was a NO fan, I would have been some pissed off.

Some players do deserve hero's welcomes when the come back...legends. Not Bosh's.

Maybe when he retires I will clap....before the game I want my team to win..Fuck him...Fuck them... Fuck Mo...Fuck Alvin...Fuck Vince...Fuck Bosh..Fuck Sean Marks

Nobody liked Bosh on the team and nobody wants to say it.
Actually, I don't see the difference. What I see is two guys the FANS wanted to stay as Raptors. We built them up in our own minds as guys who'll always be Raptors etc. But what happened when Mo FIRST became a Free Agent. He tried to bolt but I believe Babcock re-signed him or met with his offer sheet. Williams at one point was complaining about playing time and for a mediocre player we gave him this 'warrior' label. Great.

Yet when they returned, and I'm going to point directly at Mo, we gave him a hero's reception.

And yet, here we are, saying boo the hell outta Bosh....why? Because he did what he was able to do? I understand a lot of people here hate Bosh for some unknown reason and frankly, I've never been his biggest supporter either, but this ridiculous notion that we need to boo out of our minds is incredibly laughable and just shows the immaturity of this fan base.

Also, pre-game, it's just a sign of respect. Go over, shake hands (like has been done MANY times before in other sports) and get it on. I'd be more pissed if a Raptor player helped Bosh up during a charging call or a hard foul or something like that. But before a game, where your just showing some respect? Nah, it isn't important enough to get angry over.
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