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Originally Posted by forme123 View Post
first off, i would liek to say i went to the game vs the clippers yesterday, and i was pissed at the fact our so called fan base cheered louder for blake fuckin griffin than any of our players combined

i dont give two fucks if we are shit, or if dumbass tank nation is in effect, show some pride in ur city you fan boy band wagon riding douchebags! and yes blake was ineffective, his numbers were decieving.

he only had one decent dunk, which was the alley oop, and ppl stood up like americanized pieces of shit and acted like the dunk was the goldiest thing theyd ever seen! im sorry but demar and sonny receive alleyopps like that all the time and u dont see the fanboys giving them a standing ovation!

i have to say i enjoy blake griffin, wish he was a raptor, but seriously, not EVERY dunk he does is AUTOMATICALLY amazing, and how dare u embarrass ur city by blatantly cheering for the other team likes hes some of sort second coming of christ. there was a section of blake griffen fans chanting his name if u believe it or not.

lol obviously u can see im very bitter about this, and im sure u all will rip me apart, but lets discuss this anyways. is it acceptable to just abandon ur team win the going gets tough, and ride the bandwagon of another team? honestly in my opinion, whats the fun in always cheering for the best team?

anyways DISCUSS
the NBA has always placed the individual star above the team. people cheer like crazy for Kobe when he comes here even though he dropped 81 points on us a few years back.

The casual fan is in it for its entertainment value.... Blake's entertaining, unfortunately the Raps aren't...
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