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"Fake All-Star"

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Originally Posted by INSIDER View Post
i dont know what to say...
we win, everyone is happy.
we lose, bargs' head is on a platter.

this guy isnt a star, yet everyone criticizes him as if he is one.
bargs is a very good role player, that is all. why is it that everyone has to bash him as if he was an allstar playing un-allstar-like?
the guy is averaging roughly the same amount of rebounds he has averaged his entire career. its funny that people are actually surprised by his rebounding numbers... they have always been crap, what were you expecting this season?
he's upped his scoring, and his rebounds have stayed the same... yet he sucks?
it doesnt make sense.
did anyone really expect him to be an allstar? because its as if that is what he is being compared to.
he is a good role player, period. why are we crucifying him as if he was a star? he never was, and he never will be.

Lol... all I heard over the past 2 years or so is how great Bargs is... how much potential he has... how Bosh was "holding him back".... how Reggie and Bosh were "stealing all of his rebounds"... how he was "the next Dirk"... how he'd be a surefire all-star this year... how amazing he was with his 1-on-1 defense... blah, blah, blah....

... so yeah... I'd say that it's pretty fair to say that A LOT of people here were boosting him on a regular basis.

To be perfectly honest, he's stealing money from this franchise just like Hedo did.... he SHOULD be making less money than Amir. Guy is just lucky that he's 7ft tall.
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