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Originally Posted by Brack View Post
We as raptor fans including myself always embrace the idea of building a team around a superstar Damon\Vince\Bosh who are not team first guys. We ever going to embrace a winning culture in Toronto then we need to start having to build around team guys and I am starting to see that with the current roster:
I would say it's not so much of building around 1 guy as it is understanding that having that 'superstar' player makes winning that much easier. Take a look at Miami, Boston and Laker games. How many 'calls' go their way? While it's not right, those teams can get away with a lot. What you ideally need are players who yes, believe in a team culture, but also those one or two player who also believe in the team concept but can be relied upon. Think about your work setting. There is typically, those few people that your boss can rely upon when the work load gets tough. It's not to say that those people are bad, it's just that those people are their 'go to guys'.

Point Guard Ė Jose\Jerryd
Guard Ė DeMar\Barbosa\Sonny
Small Forward - Kleiza\Julian
Power Forward Ė Amir\Ed\Joey
Center Ė Andrea\Reggie\

This group does not stand out to be as very skilled when they play against the elite but they do however put together effort for most nights and they still young team who is growing together.
Effort only gets you so far. Some times, we become enamored with young players and ASSUME they will grow into something more. But what if this is their ceiling? What if that's it? What if they can't get any better? What you need to identify is a few of those guys who ARE long term pieces and are strong enough pieces which to establish a long term culture.

Men in charge is actually sticking with their plan so far, regardless of what impatient fans and misinformed media trying to call for GMís\Coaches\Players Head:

1. Impatient Fans \ Media needs to understand that building a team is a process
How long does the leash need to be? How much time must be given? Under this last regime, we've been waiting 5 years for the establishment of a team. I understand we had Bosh here, but I always have trouble with this one. Everyone says we had to build around Bosh therefore negating building a team? Seriously? Why not build a team WITH Bosh? I understand the cap restrictions, but why not build a team with him in it? It's the coaches job to bring him in offensively so let the coach worry about him.

2. Every time the fans or Media calling for some bodies head it does not mean that men in charge needs to listen to them

a. I have seen media and fanís calling to fire our GMís
b. I have read media and fanís calling to fire our Couch Jay
c. I have read media and fanís complaining about Jose\Andrea\Amirís Contract\DeMar\Sonny\Kleiza
Isn't that the point of fandom? To take a stake in something and want it be done according to your standards? I'd be far more concerned if our fans WEREN'T doing these things. That means more than likely we've accepted a general apathy regarding our situation and that this team is no longer worth caring about. If we reach that point, then well, we should lose our team.

And yes, it doesn't mean the team needs to listen to the fans (they rarely do). If management ran the team according to fans, we'd have an nba2k11 team here.

Fans and Media should let the men in charge do their job:

One thing that below organizations [Jazz, San Antonio, Boston, and Lakers] all have in common is as follows:

1. Stability at the Top [ GM\Coach\Team Building]
2. Patience with building a team
3. Having a plan and executing at the right time
4. Not being afraid to make a mistake and correcting them to meet short and long term goals
Really? Boston? Boston was willing to let go of Doc Rivers prior to the big 3 coming in. Boston was willing to trade Rajon Rondo. Paul Pierce wanted to be traded. Boston had done NOTHING and was a 30 win team at one point. They decided to ABANDON the youth movement by trading Jefferson and Green along with other players for older players. That's not similar to us at all.

The Lakers were close to losing Bryant. They had trades in place. They were a clusterfuck when Rudy Tomjanovich was there. Had it not been for the NBA handing Gasol to the Lakers, I'd be very curious as to what would happen there.

The Jazz have there own problems. They've essentially built that team around Deron Williams and there's LEGIT concern that he's probably leaving in 2012. That team is really built around him. Not Big Al. Not Millsap. It's not interchangeable parts and with Sloan possibly retiring there's some concern there. What the Jazz have done well is they understood for Sloan's offence to work they need a PG and a PF with a mid range game. Upper management always sought those pieces to make the offence work. That plan is likely to change.

The below questions are being asked a lot in the forms\Media:

1. Why is Andrea not grabbing rebounds and not defending?

a. Does anybody did not see that team seems to play well when he is playing with the like of Reggie\Amir\ED
We've been seeing him playing with Amir and Ed the last few weeks. He's been pretty brutal on the glass. With Reggie there, all Bargnani did was worry about getting back on offense but his defense was still pretty atrocious. They weren't being masked by anything.

b. Can somebody name me a center that does the following:
1. Attack the rim through penetration like a guard Ė ball in his hand
2. Guard the typical center of the NBA
3. Offence get run through him
4. Name me a power forward that plays the finesse game but yet have to guard power guy on the opposite team
How many times does Andre really attack the rim? How many times does he settle for a jumper? I get he can attack but, my question is, does he really? Yes, occasionally, but it's not enough to get excited about. Also, does the offence get run through him in a traditional manner of a C? No. His positioning is on the wing and if we want to talk about how many teams run their offence through the wing or on the perimeter well, can you name me a team that doesn't do that? And what does playing the finesse game mean? It's a term I hear often, yet rarely know what it means and I've played basketball and watched basketball for years.

2. Jose is too slow and his defense is unreliable, he is lost on most of the defensive assignment

a. Does nobody seems to noticed that he is leading the team in steals
Steals does not equate to being a good defender. All steals really mean is you have active hands and are willing to take chances on plays.

b. Does nobody seems to noticed that he makes everyone around him better
How? I like Jose, but he's not Steve Nash or Rondo at the PG department where because they can get anywhere where they want to get on the floor they make it easier. Jose is great at getting the team looks around the perimeter but he can't get anywhere he wants to get and then find an open man. That's what separates him from the elite.

c. He is being a professional who is not taking a day off even after a trade that almost shipped him out
Who cares?

3. DeMar cannot shoot/he does not have the handle/ he is not a good defender

a. Does nobody seems to noticed that he is only 22
b. Does nobody seems to noticed he has improve his game from last year and he seems to get better every game
c. Does nobody seems to noticed that he has progressed
Everyone loves DeMar. In fact, it's really hard to find anti-DeMar ramblings right now. I think a lot of people are overrating him, but that's about it.

I am glad that Jose, Reggie and Amir sticking up for his team mate Andrea and I would like to see that more from DeMar and Andrea. A true character of a leader is judged when going get though you stick to each other, by standing up for your team mates and let the action speak for itself. I truly believe that winning and losing is not determined by only having enough talent more than that mental toughness leaving it all out in the floor and getting right backup.
I start to see this change through the players we have in our current roster Reggie, Barbosa, Amir, ED, Julian, Jerryd, and Jose which seems to brush on some of our finesse guys DeMar and Andrea.
I have yet to see that from Andrea. I've always seen Andrea as a stats guy and there's some evidence to prove it. That to me, isn't a leader, it's a guy on your team that's no different than Antoine Walker. A big guy who can shoot and score but has no loyalty to the team concept. And really, the reason, I'd argue we're so 'scrappy' is because alot of these guys are fringe players looking to make a name for themselves and stay in the league. Talent 99.9% wins in the league. When you can combine talent plus heart, then you're building something.
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