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This team is a #1 pick away (a real #1 pick, not a Bargnani #1 pick :P) from being a strong 6-8th seed, at least. We have pieces in place to have a solid rotation (DD, Bargs, Johnson, Barbosa, even Jose as long as he's healthy and potential in Davis). We have a vacuum in the star position right now. That's what all good teams have, and that's what tanking provides.

The solution is to hold onto what we have or at least make trades to get better, not to dump talented but flawed players that we spent 5 years developing so that they can enjoy solid careers elsewhere.

We're going nowhere fast now, so this is the perfect opportunity to take our lumps, let DD, Amir and Davis develop and have Bargs learn how to pass out of a double team and take his lumps as "the guy". Because Bargs won't have to be "the guy" forever and, despite being a #1 pick, shouldn't be expected to be "the guy" long term if we expect to get anywhere.


Stop thinking of Bargs as a #1 pick because that's not what his talent is. But compared to just about anyone else on this team, he's our best player.


If Washington called us up tomorrow and offered us Wall for Bargs - take that in a new york minute. But don't trade him for role players like Taj Gibson and Ronnie Brewer (as was mentioned in another thread) so we can lose Bargs and gain even more redundancy at the swing and PF positions (we already have similar players in Johnson and Davis & DD and Weems, respectively).


Every move Colangelo needs to make right now needs to be thinking long term. Dumping Hedo was brilliant because he's just getting older and already was a lazy fuck; stockpiling youth is part of the growing process. So, despite Bargs sucking right now, we shouldn't trade him for some old vet who will be ending his career when the youth peaks in 2-3 years, nor should we trade him for redundant players that we already have.

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