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Originally Posted by TORaptor4Ever View Post
Do you realize how ridiculous this sounds? "He should be forced to get assists?" WTF does THAT mean? He's an NBA player in his 5th year! If he doesn't yet know how to influence the game chucking then he's an idiot... and that certainly isn't the coach's fault.

As for the sub patterns.... Triano's been working with a roster of 8 or 9 guys IN TOTAL... he doesn't have a whole lot of choice in that area no does he?

Bargs' shitty play is on Bargs... period. He can go out there and rebound the basketball... he can go out there and get to the FT line... but he has little to no interest in doing either.
The way I said it sounds stupid. I have seen countless times when the defense is focused on AB and people are standing open under the basket or cutting and he doesn't even think about passing it, that's when the coach is suppose to say something imo.

His sub patterns have always been horrible, same with his last minute play calls, and the defense he has been trying to implement for the last 50 seasons.

Originally Posted by powerfulpanda View Post
Like I stated in my earlier post he is the teams best offense threat, as sad as that is that's not the point here. We're using him like the no1 option that he is. What else do u expect the coach to do? He can't do anything else...

Anyways I'm done going back and forth with someone who doesn't know what he's talking about. Ur probably gonna reply with some comment competely ignore everything that I've said but I won't know. I'm done with this post
Ahhh.... I know he's our #1 option man, I never disagreed. The only thing I was suggesting was that we use him to run offense through, so he can get other players involved. You can use your #1 options in other ways other than just scoring. He can set other players up... He got 6 assists in that game against the Knicks but he's been too fucking greedy with the ball lately.


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