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I would think both teams are equally fucked. I might feel it harder here because I'm a Raptor fan, and all doom and gloom these days. I mean seriously, given all that this team has been through, we lost Vince knowing that this was going to be Bosh's team to lead. VC said as much in his interview with John Thompson. That didn't get us very far. Front office over hauls, philosophical differences, injuries, previous draft fuck-ups and we're back to scraping the bottom of the barrel.
Just who takes over for Bosh. We have a less consistent candidate across the board in Bargnani, and a huge question mark DeRozan.
I really don't like the prospects for this team because it's predicated on the development of a core of players.

I don't like our core that much more than Cleveland's. They don't defend very well, and have a kind of on-off weakest link thing going on. Teams are focusing in hard on Bargnani and Calderon and they're winning. They're our two biggest contract commitments right now. Which to me says a lot more about Colangelo and his vision of the future of this team. Maybe Calderon was a rash move, and maybe Bargnani is worth his ten million, but neither of them defend their positions even adequately, and in this league, having no perimeter defense to go alongside no interior one is like trying to build a house out of dreams and dreams alone.
When exactly are we at our best defensively? When the coach throws out a zone to hide our weakest links. Sometimes its works and sometimes he gets lucky. You can clone a thousand million smarter faster handsomer Tom Thibodeau's and still, with these two guys playing these positions, have the one of the shittiest defenses this league has ever seen.

So, I'd rather have the Raps, but only by a nose hair. Committing the most amount of money, contractually, to your two biggest defensive leaks is ludicrous. Having Reggie out there grabbing rebounds that haven't even occurred hides Bargnani, just like a zone hides Jose. Which begs the question, does anyone else think the whole philosophy of bringing in complementary pieces is what's lead to this whole mess in the first place? And, given Colangelo's commitment to "his guys", going to continue mean that as long as they command what they do in salary, they're getting the PT, which also means more complementary dudes over game changers?
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