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Originally Posted by Sick, Wicked and Nasty! View Post
Now you're just talking out of your ass.

First of all, you don't average 21 points a game in the NBA if you're not skilled. Yes Bargs has struggled with his shot lately..that happens to all good players but he's still our most skilled offensive player and a smart coach knows that to win you ride your best horse. There isn't a lot of talent on this team, healthy right now and yes there have been a few runs put together by some of the other players but they're not good enough to carry a team every night. Bargnani is the closest thing we have to that.

If you don't think Triano has been influenced by his GM to give the keys to the offence to Bargnani you're just naive. Colangelo is not a fool... to have interest in the team you need a big name, a big time scorer and he drafted AB so there's personal pride on the line. If Triano wants to keep his job he has to make his GM happy and part of that will be giving Bargnani the chance to become the star BC thinks he can. You go against your GM and you find yourself on the outside looking in.

I'm not saying Bargnani is the type of player you build a team around, but I am saying he's the most talented offensive player we have on the roster and combined with the political factors surrounding the GM this is why he's the focus of our offence and no matter what coach you put in place not named Jackson or Sloan..that's how it will be with the current roster.
Ya I get what your saying about the influence from BC, but thats just because hes too proud to admit the mistake he made with bargs, although that draft sucked so its not entirely his fault, but he's obviously just can't admit that the guy is a bust.

As for averaging 20+ points, I hope he would be the guy takes half or more of his teams shots every game. If you can't average 20 with the amount of touches this guy gets, then he shouldn't even be in the league period.

I also agree theres not a lot of talent on this team, but it doesn't mean you can't give players more of a chance to get their shot down in game situations and give them a chance to develop, hell its not like were gonna win anyway.

As for bargs' touches, I'm talkin the games he struggles, like he has this whole losing streak, I'm not saying he shouldn't get the ball at all, but if hes gonna stuggle this bad, give some other players a chance, even more so if they are hittin their shots on that night. To me, its evident that when Bargs struggles, it lasts all game, and the guy just can't ever seem to get through it. so rather than waste 10+ possesions with his horrid shots on those nights, give it someone else at least, can't hurt.

Also I won't even try to argue that this team would be any better with another coach, but gaurenteed we wouldn't be having 11 game losing streaks, half of it is the decisions on subs and playing time that Triano makes, their horrible. Bayless has his good games, and then the next game gets like 6 minutes. How does that honestly make any sense? As it stands now Bayless is the future PG of this team, pending the draft and/or future trades. Give the guy more of a chance.

I'm not trying to say this is solely on Bargs, or Triano, but a lot of it is. Pressure or not, you have to do whats right for the team, and if its starts resulting in better performances, than you can't be fired for something that works. Isn't this supposed to be an experimental year? So start experimenting rather than following the failing routine.
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