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Originally Posted by 'trane View Post
for me it's not about getting the young players the ball, and it's not about the overall offence being better or worse this year, or even next. it's about 2 things:

1. setting a tone at the first point of attack on the defensive end. i don't think jose can even begin to guard penetration, and i think that sets the whole team back on our heels on every opposing team's possession, especially in the half court.

2. having the kind of guy that can break defenses down to maximize offensive opportunities, and who can create something in situations where the shot clock is running down. i have no problem with jose running a slow, pldding offense sometimes, and i have no problem with him on the fast break. but every other type of offense that you need to attack a sophisticated nba defense is unavailable as an option as long as jose is running the point. he can't break anyone down, he can get into the seams, he can't create offensive space for himself or others, and he can't get his shot off the dribble if anyone is defending him. this is a disaster for an nba team. he doesn't have much to work with in terms of teammates, but that's no excuse for the kind of slow, penetration-free offenseive sets that we run with jose when not in a fast break situation.

these two factors - point defense and penetration/opportunity creation - are two of the most critical aspects of pg play, and we don't have any of it as long as jose is our go-to guy.

and paying $9 mil for a backup to do that 15 mins per game is a huge waste of money on a rebuilding team. we're under the cap as it is, so every dollar that we are under has more value. if we were already capped out i would advocate for keeping jose as it would be tough to replace his value, but we're not, and saving an extra $5-$9 mil or so (depending on what we got back for him) would go a long way to plugging some of the holes we have, at point or otherwise.

this is not to excuse bargnani, derozan or others, or to claim that this is the only hole we have, but it is a critical one. as long as this is how we defend and as long as this is who handles the ball in crunch time, we're doomed, almost regardless of the other players we have. until we replace our other 4 guys with stars or near stars, jose causes more harm than good on this roster.

i like the guy. he's a good teammate and probably a stand-up guy, but he's hurting us. he needs to go. and as tentative as i am to agree with jeff first thing on a monday morning, jose has done little over the last several years to show me that he is any kind of answer going forward. if we want to change the mindest of this team we need regime change. point guard is a great position to make that kind of switch.
Great post.

You summed it up perfectly.
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