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Default Just get a jump shooter already

So, I was reading today's Star (I'm sure it'll be up in the dish), when I read this quote from Triano:

ďI mean, itís been a nice challenge, actually, to try to find ways, to read ways, to get DeMar (DeRozan) looks when everybody knows that youíre going to go to DeMar because heís rolling, heís got 25 points or to give Andrea (Bargnani) the ball in a position where people might not expect it,Ē Triano said Thursday.

ďAll itís done, really, is limit the number of options I have. I canít get (Leandro) Barbosa on an empty side (of the court) where he can use his quickness or a (Linas) Kleiza jump shot or something like that. Itís just restricted the guys I can focus things on.Ē
I'm looking at the Kleiza quote. Kleiza's BIGGEST strength is his post up game. Instead we're using him as a jump shooter. Why not use his strengths? It was the same thing with Turkoglu last year.

From an NBA.com interview:

"Instead I was used in a different way in both of those situations. I don't have an answer for that. They tried to use me as a guy off the ball, a spot-up shooter. I respect those teams and maybe what their plans were. I went out there and tried to do my best in those situations. But it wasn't me. It wasn't who I can be."
Say what you will about Turk (lazy, fat, unmotivated etc.) but it seems that all we're looking for from our SF is to be a jump shooter instead of learning about their strengths and integrating them into the play.

Now, I really like Triano as a basketball mind. I've heard him speak in person (about 5 years ago) and he's a really nice guy and knows more than I could ever know about the game. However, even smart people make mistakes and I can't help but think he doesn't know how to use certain players. He has his offensive set and makes player adapt, rather than adjusting offensive sets to showcase those players skill sets.

I really wonder, what could have been had we had a different offensive game plan.


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