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So let me get this straight, we are one of the teams in the best positions beucase of how little we will have on the books next year. How is this a good thing? will we be rewarded for this? Hear me out. What the hell are teams like LA, Boston ect going to do when their current payrolls are 80-90million? What the new CBA will kick in right away and teams will just have to buy out players to land under the cap? There has to be some sort of yearly plan that will allow every team in the NBA to adjust to the new CBA, saying we are ready only means we will get screwed harder in the end. We have $44 million on the books for next year, what if the new cap cap goes from 67 million down to 60, or 58 million, then we have a half a shit roster full of bench players and cant even sign any note worthy free agents beucase we will have 15 million to replace a number of players rather then 20+. If anyone knows how this will work insite would be great.

On another note, I think all this crap about acquiring draft picks is a crock of you know what. How much young talent can one team have? I didn't realize this was the Toronto D-Leagures. Next year we will have at least another 2 first round picks (our high pick and Miamis end of the line 28-30th pick), yet there is no veteran presence on this team, and the most "experienced" player is Bargs.....ya Bargs.... Whats going to happen in 2 years when guys like derozen are coming off their rookie contracts....were gonna get fucked, thats what. I see us developing all this young talent, then slowly losing it for varios reason like contract renewals and more bullshit trades for d-league prospects. This team has more then enough young players on it, its time to start actually assembling a team. If any of you think are first round pick is going to be some crazy, instant impact player your kidding yourself. we are going to get more derozen and davis styles of picks that take 2-3 years to develop (if they develop into anything) and by that point other youngsters like derozen are going to be long gone. Its time to start winning, and the time is now (its been 16 years already of building, how much longer can this actually last....who am i kidding, its never going to end). MLSE has to get this heads out of their ass's and allow this team to spend some money and make some sort of run. I dont care if its a second round run, we are never going to win a championship, and going all or nothing is a joke in terms of going over the lux tax is a joke. ANd we all fall for it......last year, going over the lux tax line would have defiantly made this team a second round playoff team, but no, for some reason we were still not ready to move a head.... im sick of this shit, MLSE and Raptors just already
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