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Unacceptable?! Did you see the pool? They flipped the bitch!

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Oh my god I didn't even see this until 'Train was nice enough to email the link to me!

I never really navigate to the main page because I just type the links into my browser for the various forums here, I didn't even know F2 existed haha....

So sorry for the late reply and response to this thread I am incredibly flattered, thank you very much everyone

I will be honest with you, it is not very difficult for me to be a nice guy to talk to on here because everyone on here IS a great person. I think it's great that we have our own little corner of the internet out here and have carved ourselves a little community. This of course is only made possible by the Mods who work their butts off to make sure we have this place for very little reward.

Everyday in our little community I see people helping each other with problems, giving encouragement and finding a way to make the work day go faster. I know for me, there would be a lot of times that I would have been totally stuck without the help of RF. Off the top of my head I know that received TONS of help on trying to figure out the alarm system, get a camera, got updated on the airport traffic, and have had people help me with some of the tougher moral/personal dilemmas.

It's strange to think that this kind of thing would happen on the internet and I would have people that I would call "friends" online. I consider myself lucky to have found this group and would put them up in generosity, intelligence, thoughfulness and all around damn good lookingness (I assume) against anyone.

My girlfriend actually was on the computer when 'train sent the PM with the award last night and asked if she could look at what you all wrote. It made her very proud of me and me very embarrassed (in a good way). I got to say "I'm cool on the internet too baby" haha....

In a strange way it means more to me to have friends on the internet because many of the things that I feel force friendships in the real world (social status, looks, wealth etc.) are not a factor here. You can only be judged by your words, actions and sexy sexy display pictures haha.... It is amazing for me to know that when other factors (good or bad) that could superficially influence someone's opinion about me are put aside, I am still a well-liked guy. This award actually means something to me, maybe I'm reading too much into it haha... But I really really do appreciate it

I have one request: Every day someone (usually Acie) goes through to effort to post the daily dish. I think, as small as it is, if you could just click the thumbs up button for his post every day just to let him know you appreciate it, that would be great. I know that my day isn't complete until I have my dish info....And the boobs. Gotta have the boobs haha....

Thanks again everybody! You are the best!

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