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Default Just had a bat scare....

One of the cats is all curious about the chimney.... I go and check it out, feel around, nothing is amiss.

Me and the girlfriend are sitting on the couch, all of sudden one of the cats is tearing by and there is a HUGE bat flying above it.

So my girlfriend hits the deck and starts shrieking....and I get up, throw a blanket on her, and pick up my squash racquet because I just came home from a game.

I tell my girlfriend to go upstairs because I'm going to start swinging and I don't want her to get hit or have the bat land on her.

So she gets up and I am "escorting her" to the stairs security style... The bat comes RIGHT at us, and I take a forehand and clip his wing..... BOOM it hits the wall.

It is either stunned or dead... I tell her to go upstairs but we can't find the bat because it landed under the couch...So she insists on going outside so she throw on her boots and just screams at me from the outside.

So I start moving couches around but I can't find this thing...Then it starts flying around again and makes its way to the kitchen while I was down on my knees looking under a table...

As I stand up this thing is flying RIGHT AT MY FUCKING HEAD.... So I just pulled a crazy little backhand and nail that mother fucker DEAD in the middle of the strings....It slams against the wall and it is again stunned or dead.

I scoop the little bastard up on my squash racket into a bucket and tossed him out to the night.

The moral of the story is have a racquet handy.....and don't fuck with me

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