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Originally Posted by Adequate Swag View Post
Bargs had a notably shitty year. Rasho had a career year. And Bargs numbers weren't even that much worse than Rasho's if at all.

I'm also a little confused as to why you keep bringing up Rasho's defense. It was passable...nothing more, nothing less. He is not an above average post defender for his position, and he sure as fuck can't defend anywhere outside the post. Furthermore, I would rather have Bargs in there defending the post anyway, because Rasho can't effectively guard anyone with even a hint of quickness. Watch the Orlando series. Bargs was more effective defensively than people gave him credit for, and was certainly more effective than Rasho, who saw his minutes decreased significantly because he couldn't defend Dwight.

Rasho is a marginally better one on one post defender than Bargs right now. Bargs is constantly improving in that regard, Rasho is not.

And stop talking as though Bargs is locked into the 5 spot. It's not that simple of a comparison. One of his primary assets is versatility, which I would hope you have all noticed is a much sought after attribute in the NBA right now. Bargs can defend any 4 or 5, and some 3's. Rasho can defend big, slow 5's...that's it.

And I'm not going to bore you by going through all the things Bargs does offensively that Rasho has never dreamed of, but I will say that Andrea Bargnani was born with more offensive ability than Rasho has ever had. Rasho could catch a pass down low and lay it up, and would occasionally grab a rebound and lay it back up. Every now and then he would hit a foul line set shot, although I'm curious to know his percentage on those short shots because he seemed to miss more than he made. He also set screens on offense. That's it. Literally.

We all know what Bargs is capable of, and he's shown it plenty.

Doc, you seem to be making a straight up comparison using only Rasho's skill set as the guideline. You say Andrea can't play in the low post, yet you coincidentally forget to mention Rasho cant do anything but play in the low post. You say Andrea was out of position on offense for offensive boards (although, again, he's versatile...it would be stupid to leave him camped in the paint) yet you conveniently omit the fact that 5 rebounds per game is pathetic for a 7 footer who never leaves the paint like Rasho.

You seem to be ignoring most of what makes Bargnani a special player, while focusing on the things that Rasho does "well". If you want to say Rasho is better than Bargnani because of his post play, then I could just as easily fire back by saying that Bargnani's perimeter game is better. Those are both poor arguments, because they are both skewed towards the player that plays that style of game.

If you want a big, slow, traditional centre who never leaves the paint and only shoots when it's wide open, then yeah...take Rasho. You could also take Joel Pryzbilla, or any other token space filler on every bench in the NBA. Sure, Rasho is a little more talented than most of them, but that's still what he is. But Bargs is so much more already than a player with Rasho's skill set could ever be.

When you take the whole package into account, Rasho's advantage in the post (which I still view as very minimal given that he can't do anything on offense) is more than offset by the fact that Bargnani does things every game that Rasho has never even considered doing.

Put it on the floor? Never. Create his own shot? Never. Create match up problems? Never. Shoot from outside 15 feet? Never. Draw a defender to help Bosh deal with doubles? Never.

Just because the guy plays his role well doesn't make him a great, or even a good player. Bargnani is a one of a kind talent, and he's just coming into his own. There are multiple Rashos in every draft. Take your pick.

Edit: Sorry...didnt realize it was this long
Great post.I couldn't agree more.Bargnani is 22 Rasho is 32 and on the decline.Bargnani is 22 with already a tone more talent and versitility then Rasho could have dreamed of having at the same age.Comparing these two is like comparing a Ford Focus(Ford anything) to a Lexus.
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