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Originally Posted by iRaptor View Post
In daily i mean at least 3-4 times a week, just started about a month ago and seeing changes in my body but reading online im thinking I might be doing the wrong workouts and combination of workouts in a day. Here is my routine..

Sunday: Bench about 120 (5 sets of 10), Also 12-20 minutes cardio +75 situps
Monday: 12-20 minutes of cardio + 30 pushups + 75 situps
Tuesday: Bench about 120 (5 sets of 10) + 12-20 minutes of cardio + 75 situps
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: Bench about 120 (5 sets of 10) + 12-20 minutes of cardio +75 situps
Friday: 12-20 minutes of cardio + 30 pushups + 75 situps
Saturday: 10 minutes of cardio + 2 sets of Dumbbell excersises + 75 situps + 30 pushups

Now I think I might be doing my workouts wrong. Again the cardio is some power walking and light jogging. But basically when I bench I do a set, then run for a few minutes, then do 25 situps, then run for minutes, then go back to the bench and keep rotating. The reason I do this is because I can't walk for too long and my feet start to hurt for some reason. And the days I don't do bench I rotate situps/running/pushups.

Anyone have any other suggestions?

If that figure doesn`t go up in the next couple of weeks, you have to start going harder. I weigh 170 right now and can bench 225. When I was in high school I weighed about 155 and could bench 185. IMO, if you really want to scuplt a nice upper body, your chest means EVERYTHING. Really, REALLY push yourself. Another thing, 5 sets is unecessary. Instead, try 3 sets with 10 reps each, then on your forth, go to your absolute max and set a reasonable target number. For instance, bench 35s, 45s, 45s and 10s, then max out at 45s and 25s.
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