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Default Who's Raptors Personal Story is Better?

Poll time fellas and H-Taz.

Who's personal story of meeting a Raptor is better?

This guy from the blog Basketbawful and his story " LeBron versus Jalen: The Untold Story":

Originally Posted by Basketbawful
Basketbawful reader Herman has shared a number of particularly amusing stories regarding his former job (see below). This may well be my favorite:

I used to work at the Air Canada Centre as a vendor. I used to show up early and try and talk to the players, when security didn't stop me.

One day I was hanging around the court, and I was trying to talk with Mike James. He had to run back to the locker room, so I decided to head back up the elevator to the main floor. As the doors are closing, I hear someone go "Hey, hold the door!", so I do. Lo and behold, Jalen Rose walks into the elevator. I start talking to him about Toronto, and living here, and generally joking around. He was really friendly. We start talking about the game that night (it was against the Cavs).

Me (joking): You think you can outscore LeBron?

Jalen: Of course!

Me: Wanna bet?

Jalen: Sure.

Me: Okay, five bucks says that Bron outscores you.

Jalen: (laughs) Fine. Watch me, son!

That, of course, was the night that LeBron scored 50 for the first time. The next week, I walk into the office, when my boss tells me there's some mail for me here. It's an envelope addressed to "that smartass vendor", and inside, there's a five dollar bill.

I've been a Jalen fan ever since.

Some interesting sidenotes to the game in question. King James scored 56 points on 18-for-36 shooting. He also hit six of his 12 three-point attempts and 14 of his 15 freethrows. But, whatever you might think, it's not like Jalen just rolled over: Rose dropped 30 (12-for-23) and added 7 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 steals. More importantly, the Raptors won 105-98. So sure, Jalen might have lost the scoring battle and the five bucks...but he won The War.
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Or our very own Benzo's experience simply called "My Mo Story":

Originally Posted by Benzo
As some of you may know, I used to work for the Raptors, I started in the catering department.

One of the first days on the job, I had to go set up and deliver the food to the dressing room.

I was super nervous pushing my little cart in there after the game. After struggling through the doors, almost dropping the pasta, I hung the immediate left to go set it up in front of the TV.

The first thing I heard was…”About fucking time, can ya hurry that up”, turning around I saw an, angry, sweaty and naked Kevin Willis, I was already feeling pretty small at the time…but the inevitable glance down made me even feel smaller.

Sweaty palms now, I meet the chef in the room and we begin to set everything up. While we are doing that some of the players, couldn’t wait two fucking minutes, and were climbing over me and moving stuff around, taking a plate of food, before it was even ready. The worst offenders…Oakley, Willis and Corliss.

At that point a young Morris Peterson spoke up and said, “Guys can we give the guy a chance here, back up and let him finish”. Let me tell ya I thought Oak, was going to kill him, stared at Mo, and Mo looked right back at him and said “Just let the guy do his job”.

I loved Mo, from that moment on, as I was making my way out of the room, cart full of garbage and stuff…and I was trying to reach for the door, a chafing dish fell and made the biggest noise…as the team were have their “rap up” meeting. There were laughs…and eye rolls, I wanted to die.

As I was trying to gather myself Mo ran over picked up the lid, grabbed the door for me, and shook my hand on the way out.

He simply said “Thank you, we appreciate it”, inside his hand when he shook mine…$100 bones.

I bought his jersey the next day, and as time went on, he was one of the only guys that took the time to learn my name, always said “Hello” when he passed me in the halls.

So for that reason, and more, Morris Peterson will receive a standing ovation from me on Sunday,

Just to say

“Thank you, I appreciated it”
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