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Originally Posted by 'trane View Post
with tj and rasho we had a near-blowout first round exit. not much of a difference or a risk if you ask me.
Honestly i know know what any of you are thinking, Rasho Sucked dog balls big time. He was most hated Player on the team last year and the year before that and the year before that (becides dixion!) Rasho before he blew up last year sucked. he made shots once and a while, he was butter fingers like crazy (droping the ball all the time) and he is slow. Really Us paying him 10 million a year was a discrase and imbarasing. He was liek a 5 mill/year palyer max.

TJ on teh other hand was my favorate point guard until he got injured. I always backed him and thought he was boss. Then when he came back his game was diffrent. He wasent making shots, he had turnovers left and right. and when he tried to take over games we would more liekly then not end up loosing. Add the fact that he is tiny and if he hits his head again he is done, i think JO is little to no risk. Dont foget that jsut 3 seasons ago they were in the confrence finals which he led them there. ANd dont forget he is a 6 time allstar. And the main reason he started to suck 2 season ago was 80% his injury he was trying to paly threw + once the big brawl came out that was another factor. JO is healed and ready to go. Do you guys really think BC would take a huge risk if he wasent 110% healed and ready to go. Dam this guy took of half of last season to heal so he could play properly again

TJ + rasho was an amazing trade to get JO. Jsut think rasho defineatly had a lucky second half of a year (career high this late in his career after sucking for years) and TJ imo was very high risk and not even that good concidering he was a selfish greedy guy who wanted all the attention and couldnet stand the fact that Calderon was wayyyy better then him.
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