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Originally Posted by Bankiz View Post
you read as the letter what i wrote.
take a little space with it.

if i want trade bargs, there is a reason :
you say many tam want him. so why not wtahc what we can land forhim and after that wacth if that can make some difference in the 2 years to come.

because, i think bargs, maybe has some potential left, but not so much.
i means, he is inconsistent. you talk about DD or davis, but yes they are young, very raw in fact, so inconsistence is alright.
but Barg it's is 5 season + euro season before... so not so inexperimented, so maybe you think he is our best asset, but we are losing with him, like with him and bosh, so what conclusion can you make.

we need a sf defender and a center defender. and not some lazy center who can only score.

let's face that. last year he put more rebound than this year.
bosh take 11 rdb per game, than this year yes there was evans eating all, but now there is no bosh, and no evans, and amir/davis/dorsey don't grab all. so why is he always like big piece of wood in defense.
BS are so consistent with him. he put some lazy shot and never foolow his shot. he don't move his arms on defense.

it are some example problem. you can't deny that. so i say add a center "like" chandler and co... not chandler.

but for Bargnani what do you think we can land ?

marc gasol + mayo maybe ?
camby + batum ?
lopez + pietrus ?
fields + chamdler + thuriaf ?

if this could happen, how do you think you will react : happy or unhappy ?

for me if one of this 4 trade comes, i will be good for it, doesn't you ?
I'm not in love with Bargs, but just trading him now is stupid. All the people you listed for trades won't happen. I'm sure Memphis will hold onto Gasol and they said they're not trading Mayo. Portland would keep Camby and Batum, they're key players to their team just as much as Bargs is to our team. I wouldn't want Lopez and Pietrus and if that trade would happen then it would be a steal for Phoenix. New York is not letting go of Fields or Chandler now that they compliment Stoudemire and I'm not taking Turiaf.

If you've noticed, Bargs does move his hands when on defense. And as I said, his man to man defense is ok but not his team defense. He's just as good as Blatche on team defense. He's starting to take charges now too. I'm not in love with the guy, but trading him now would be stupid. That's my opinion. What centers are like Chandler that you think we could land or trade over here?
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