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Originally Posted by Bankiz View Post
why trade Bargs ?
do you joke ?

because he is what this team lack !
you just see point in his game or what ?
yes, we must forgot the 20 point, but also forget the no rebound (except ones which fall in his hand), forget too the no defens skill.... if we trade him.
raptors need to change culture, not to continue with the same lazy guys who can't bring effort to contain.
we need to go after a dalembert type of player (like patterson or chandler).
if we lost 20pt, and we add maybe 12-13pt in the center position, i will be fine. yes we would not be a offensive team, but we can stop penetration and block some shot.
davis can become the 20pt guy, like DD, so we doesn't need a scorer center, but one who can defend.
watch dallas, and watch how chandler change all their game, because he go after the ball.

imagine a Mcgee at the center position, and davis at pf, do you think we will lost the same number of games ?

or Bargs need a coach like SVG, who can boost him and become more a pau gasol payer than a bargs.
I guess you'd like to see this team being a lottery team for 7 years then. What does our team lack actually? We have more heart and more effort this year and can still keep a game close. DD can score 20 points, but how consistent is he? Davis can be a 20 pt guy maybe next year or 2 more years. Bargs has steadily improved every year and almost every aspect of his game and you want to trade him? The only player who's semi consistent in point production and a player who other teams look out for. Like I said before, Bargs' man to man defense is ok but what he needs to work on is help defense and some offensive rebounds, but I'm seeing some improvement there. If I haven't forgotten, I swear we're in a culture change right now. I wouldn't Dalembert here honestly, the Rockets seem like they'll keep Patterson and Chandler isn't going anywhere. He said he's always wanted to play for the Mavs and will probably stay with the Mavs. The difference between us and Dallas is that they're a more experienced team with more veteran and skilled players than us. Davis is starting to become a defensive threat because of his shot blocking, but once he bulks up and gains more experience he'll be better. He also needs to work on his offence.

With McGee at the 5 and Davis at the 4, I think we would lose more games than with Bargs at the 5 and Davis at the 4. McGee is only athletic and doesn't have any post moves like Bargs or any other offensive moves. Davis isn't a threat on offense yet, he mostly gets points by putbacks and some dunks here and there. I don't know what coach can make a player into another player, but I don't think Bargs will change into Pau with the help of any coach. Pau and Bargs are different players with different skill sets. We might as well work with Bargs since he's our number 1 option as of now.
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