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NBA REFS Beat Raptors 104 to 101... I mean Atlanta!

All right when's Triano going to pony up and get ejected already? Take a bloody technical for heaven sakes. We're getting screwed out there... I'm not even going to go into the reffing...

Ok, I changed my mind.... Look when you're the team being equally or more aggressive then your opponent you should eventually start getting some calls right? (That's what Leo and our call guys would have you believe... ) but right now, the Raps are at the bottom of the totem pole and the League wants to keep them there. The last 4 games there has been a huge discrepancy in foul calls.

For you bozo's who go through the last games and say that they aren't. READ THE BLOODY FREE THROW SHOTS!@! not the total foul counts. Free throw's lead to points. Sure they'll give the Raptors a few out of bounds fouls to even them up a bit.. but when you've got Klieza, Barbossa, and DeRozen, absolutely being malled and you're not getting any calls, while Crawford (whom I actually like)... getting grazing fouls? Common!!! Lets get real, and call it what it is... We're getting bushwacked by the REFS!
Today it was 31 free throw attempts for Atlanta and only 12 for the Raptors. (or a 16 point differential... they made 25 we made 9 for those who are curious) Not to mention a huge amount against the Raptors in the last 2.5 minutes of the game. Yes Bibby made a great shot.... but it shouldn't have even came to that crap. Seriously... we've all talked about this on the forums, here and in the states... but when will someone do a true investigation into the basketball game fixing that's soo apparently obvious? (It's hard to even watch playoffs these days!)

Alright enough said!

So... here is why Triano should have taken a technical and gotten thrown out of the game. (as well as future games) First of all, when a coach is thrown out of a game.. it tends to fire up his team, and often put the REFS in a position to call the game at least more fairly, why? Well that's the second reason... when a coach gets ejected the league (and the NBA REfs association) reviews the game. Not to mention it usually makes sporting news. Heck if you go on a tirade of how the REFS stole that game from you... you're going to even get a ton of prime time play on regular loop. Will the Nba do anything about it? NO! Probably not... but if you can draw enough press into it... sometimes magical things start happening with calls, just ask Popavich or Phil Jackson... who regularly give their mind to the refs... (ok... only Popavich gets thrown out... Phil usually does it via the media.)

Hell, even Avery Johnson... has gone after the REFS post game on TV! (if you want to see a small guy get mad.)

Stand up for your TEAM TRIANO!!! I know there's stiff fines ...(which I think the team should pay for.)... but hell I see that vein throbbing in your forehead!... Let that inner Hockey mom out!

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