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Hi all,

Been creeping around here for 6-8 months and finally got around to registering. I never played basketball much growing up and thought it was a stupid sport until I started watching the raps breakout season in 06-07, now I am crazy about basketball and even watch non-raptors games.

It seems here that most posters fall into one of two camps on several issues that always pop up. Ill give you my position on the Raptors "political" spectrum.

Brian Colangelo: Seems like a solid GM, and I like some of the moves he's made (Villanueva -> Ford -> JO). On the other hand I'm not sure what he is thinking with the overall vision for the team. The euroball experiment seems to have failed, which is no surprise since he tried to build a euro style team without a euro style coach. I also think he is getting a lot of credit for moves made before he showed up. Why didn't he fire Mitchell after we lost to Orlando? I'll wait until 2010 to give him a final rating.

Sam Mitchell: I like him a lot as a person but I'm not very fond of his coaching. I think the 06-07 season was a success in spite of him and 07-08 stands as an indictment of his coaching ability. I also think part of the problem with Andrea is Smitch. What kind of coach lets Jamario Moon jack up 3's when Kapono is open?

Bargs: I think he has a coach who has no clue what to do with him. On the other hand some of the blame stands with him for his lack of mental toughness and maybe even heart. I think another year under Mitchell and he has no chance of ever being a starter.

Ford vs. Calderon: I'm a Calderon man but I think Ford had it way too hard. He seems like a good guy, I don't see anything wrong with a player wanting to be in the starting line up. From the comments people made you would think that Ford talked badly about Calderon or that he made comments putting himself ahead of the team. He just wanted to be #1... that's OK. At the same time you have to be the best at your spot to be #1 and he wasn't. There were flashes of brilliance but when he got out of control he was OUT OF CONTROL. Again, situation handled horribly by Mitchell.

Bosh: Class act, franchise player.

Kapono: Excellent player. Wasted again by Mitchell's "system." Get him open looks damn it. A lot of criticism over him not shooting enough in 07-08. I think just because you are an excellent arch shooter doesn't mean you should take every shot you can. It's a shame that he was one of the only people on the team trying to attack the basket... and it's JK for Christ's sake.

JO: I didn't like this trade at first but the more I thought about it the more I liked it. JO seems to be a good guy too (a bit cocky but that's ok) and if he stays healthy could do amazing things this year.

08-09 Predictions:

1. Boston
2. Detroit
3. Orlando
4. Toronto (an average - as high as 2nd if we stay healthy and Bargs has a good year... as low as 6-7 if that doesn't happen)
5. Philly
6-7. Wizards
6-7. Cleveland (LJ is amazing but they suck... I don't know what Hoopsworld was thinking with 2nd place. Maybe as high as 5th)
8. Atlanta/Indiana

I look forward to posting with everyone.
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