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making funny and strange dark trade in his mind !!!

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bon, il me semble avoir trouver un trade qui puisse etre juste pour tout le monde !

trade 1:
toronto give Bargnani + weems + alabi + tpe + 2011 miami pick.
chicago give brewer + korver + asik + 1st round 2012 (from charlotte)
phjiladeplhie give iguodala + speights + T.Young + 1st round 2012

philadelphie gets miami pick + Bargnani + brewer + alabi.
chicago gets iguodala + weems + tpe (toronto 5M)
toronto gets asik (C)+ korver(sg) + 2 first 2012 pick (charlotte + Phily) + t.Young (sf) + speights (c).

phily gets a huge center who can score, bargs. One solid sg with brewer, and one propect center. aloso a 2nd round pick.
so they lost iguy, but they get bargnani, this will not change so many their play, and can get a little higher in frontcourt.

chicago gets a really good sg, what they need, and with money from tpe and a prospect as weems, they can be good for contending.

toronto get ride of bargs. but gets 2 center in return, also two prospect in fact. and one good sg 3s shoter (korver) and a SF/PF prospect as young.

trade 2 :
dallas give butler + 2nd round pick 2011+12
toronto give peja + 1st 2012 charlotte

b. Dallas give mahimmi + barea + tpe caroll
toronto give kleiza + dorsey

dallas gets a legit sf 3s shooter, and one solid backup + one first round pick. and with dorsey they get a cheap pf defensive player, who can change the play when dirk isn't there.

toronto gets 2nd round picks for peja, that enough, and we will have butler expiring still to keep us out of the new cba. and with mahimmi and barea whe have another Center defensive, and a solid pg backup.

toronto will looks like this after that :


you can keep evans, for veteran leadership matter.
that lets us with a current payroll for 2011-2012 season = 10M(caldy) + 2.5M( Bayless) + 0 (barea - expiring) + 2.3M (DD) + 5M (korver) + 7M(Barbosa) + 0M (Young) + 0M(wright)+ 5M (amir) + 2M (Davis) + 0 (Evans) + 3.9M (asik + speights + mahimmi) = 37.7M.

so if the cba will be barely 50M
we still have 12.7M to split between 6M young + minimum evans + 3m barea + 2.5 wright. (=13M)
and also we will have our 2011 first pick + 2011 2rd dallas and our 2012 1st pick + phily first 2012 + our 2nd 2012. so five propescts to come and we will have already bayless, barea, DD, young, wright, amir, davis, asik, speights and mahimmi.
that will make 15 end 2012.

so evans, jose and barbosa will not be maintain in end of 2011-2012 season, and we will be fine with one of the most young team.

we need triano to step up or to go and get a defense mindorient coach.
With that we could be one of the most attractive team to watch. and all this trade will be win-win situation because i'm sure, butler will return to dallas at the end of the season.
dallas keepp all his player, phily get one huge still prospect with barg and chicago get his sg legit starter who can help them to go in finals and win a championship.

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