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Originally Posted by 'trane View Post
perhaps he was referring to the idea that sponsors may not be too interested in celebrating a 'celebrity' who's public profile has plummeted like a stone over the last 6 months or so. or maybe they'll laugh at the weak-ass powerpoint slides that look like they were done by a high school kid. or maybe they'll laugh at putting $10000 towards what is essentially a closed party. or maybe banking on an athlete's dinner party road show seems risky. or maybe they're just not sure how a-list this would be... lots of reasons to question this and laugh at it, imo...
Everything you said applies to what I was thinking when I shared this w/yall, but what I bolded stood out at the forefront of my mind.

Like when you look at the 1st slide, it juss looks like an advertisement for a regular adult urban lets be classy hip-hop party. Nothing worthy of sharing n all.

But then it juss gets more silly unto laughing as you go along. 'Amazingly chic,' 'celebrity lounge,' 'attracting an elite crowd' (they bolded it, I'm juss quoting!), then what Thought here quoted, then calling a hotel 'ultra sexy' (I mean I like looking at the fancy hotels downtown in my city, but I don't exactly get aroused when lookin at'em), then 'private extravagant gatherings', VIP seating along walls (WTF?) and then claiming it makes for an 'intimate vibe,'......and that's juss lookin at the first few slides! It actually gets more ridiculous as you go further, not at all ending w/Lebitch in his chique-nerd look.

To me, the whole thing basically drips w/pretention, and desperately screams "Please help me build up my prestige wherein I can rub shoulders w/Brad Pitt and Donald Trump, and thus be invited to all the hot spot parties, which should also all be conveniently arranged wherein there's no conflict w/my NBA schedule."

That's the vibe I got from it. Like it totally goes beyond the standard cock-suckery of today's celeb culture, LX.
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