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Hey all,

I've posted the link to this thread over at scout.com, and hopefully we'll have most/all of our posters come over to this board. I was gone all day, and haven't had time to link this thread yet, but just put it up...thanks for the welcoming words already.

So people have a little bit of a background, our forum at scout.com was once very active, and most of our members have been there since at least 2002 - however, years ago, there was a split, and some people left. Then a couple of years ago, on scout's main page, they removed NBA and NHL links to our forums, which subsequently lead to a cut off of new posters. That, coupled with the lack of success with the team, it being hard to watch all of the games on national TV, and the posting on our board had slowed down to a trickle.

Our posters (the few who have remained) are known as very knowledgeable, mature posters, and as said... when the decision was made to move, we didn't want to join one of the "other" boards out there, because I've been an off and on poster here for a bit, and thought we would be a good fit here.

To help y'all get to know us, I figured I'd put a few fields that our posters could fill in, so you don't think we're a bunch of noobs - because everybody knows that posts = knowledge.

Name at Scout.com :
Member Since:
Why I joined a Raptors Forum in the first place:

Name at Scout.com : DSWC1
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"Known as": long-winded, mod, the cup is half-full poster.
Why I joined a Raptors Forum in the first place: I had looked for a while, and decided that I did not want to join other forums, because of maturity levels. Living out west, where there are less fans, I wanted a place to talk to people about Raptors (and NBA) ball.

Anyways, thanks again for all of the kind welcomes, and I hope more of our posters come and join this board.
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