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making funny and strange dark trade in his mind !!!

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trade 1 :

toronto give weems, Bargnani , barbosa + tpe + miami pick
NYK give : thuriaf + fields + rautins
Minessota give : tolliver + John flynn
orlando give anderson + tpe

MIN gets : Randolph + barbosa + tpe orlando + tpe toronto+ miami pick.
Orlando gets: tolliver + rautins
Nyk gets : Bargnani + weems + anderson + toronto tpe
Toronto gets : fields + thuiaf + curry + johny flynn.

minessota gets randolph like they want, and a solid sg in barbosa, so they upgrade sg position and get a legit backup PF behind beasley.
and some money and one picks for flynn.

Ny gets Bargnani who will fit very weel along Amar'e. and to project with anderson + weems and some money.
they upgrade their frontcourt.

Orlando gets a prospect Center to backup D12 + a young Guard.
so they be satisfied and don't give up many.

Toronto gets a solid Center, and a tremendous prospect pg + a great sg defensive player with fields.


on peut vraiment reconstruire uen culture defensive et je pense que l'on peut aller à la peche à d'autres pivot(center) pour completer le roster.
curry + peja + evans + wright = 35M expiring

trade 2 :

toronto give peja + TPE + toronto picks 2011
Sacramento give thompson + garcia
Portalnd give : miller + oden + money

portland gets peja + garcia + money toronto + toronto first 2011

sacramento gets miller + tpe toronto

toronto gets oden + thompson

portland gets a sg to compensate ROY miss season and a good SF player with peja (also expiring)

sac gets a good pg with miller, and some money.

toronto gets 2 Center, one inured and expiring, but at least it don't matter if he doin't play.


trade 3 :

toronto give caldy + oden + alabi + a switch pick in 2012
Phili give iguy + speights
charlotte give wallace + diop + collins

phily gets wallace + diop
charlotte caldy + oden + alabi + pick switch.
toronto gets iguy + speights + colluns

phily gets some value for iguy with a solid SF with some defensuive skill. and a true center with Diop. (what they miss)

charlotte get some value from wallce with caldy and oden + alabi ( not so much value but he is a propect) + a switch pick with toronto in 2012.

toronto gets iguy, and they upgrade the SF spot, and a propect center.
the only one huge contract will be iguy, so i'm not worry about it.
buyout curry and we will be fine for the futur.

also we keep our youn core together (amir, DD, bayless, Davis, dorsey and wright + kleiza) and we add some other : thompson + fields + flynn + speights.
next year attention to Raptors, and jay will be more capable with this roster.
defense will be huge and the run and gun will still there.
an i don't now what more balance and tazlented team.

our second unit : flynn, DD, kleiza/wright, davis/dorsey and speights/thompson
serait dévastatrice pour les 2nd unit adverse.
et notre 5 de départ, même s'il ne fait pas si peur serait bonne :
bayless, flieds, iguy, amir, thuriaf/thompson.


quel est votre avis ?
je ne dis pas qu'il faut tout faire en une fois. mais cette team aurait vraiment une belle gueule, même sans pick en 2011.
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