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Originally Posted by Superjudge View Post

This is pretty much where I am too. I was an actual Ball player way back when the whispers started about expansion to Canada, and then, the actual expansion. My friends and I who were massive ball fans, just.... if there were "fantastic Mr. Foxes", only, Rats, thats the level of gym rats we were. You name the Basketball experience you can have, we had it, everyday, for at least 3 hours a day, often more.

We were at the YMCA one day talking to Mike Smrek (some of you might member Mike, he played for the Lakers) He was telling us that if Toronto ever got a team we should thank our lucky stars. He was right.

Remember the kick out to Alvin for the first Hoop ever??? I do, and his last name wasn't Williams!!!!!

Remember The 72 win Bulls.... ya so Does Damon Stoudamire, fondly.

Remember Zan Tabac? Remember how he could hit the top of the back board with a baby hook from 2 feet, painfully, I remember that too. And Vincenzo, and watching Carlos drive around is a bloody Bentley, AFTER he'd been traded during the summer because dammit, he liked Toronto.

I remember those years fondly because back then, we truly felt and knew how big of an underdog our Team was. Not just because of players, or talent, or management and coaching, but because of cultural ignorance and media ignorance. I used to play basketball against Greg Newton, he was good enough to lead the Blue Devils in the Big Tourney, yet, the announcers still made it sound like we had no idea what Basketball even was up here. We took it personally, because we used to play pick up games against the kids from Buffalo, and Niagara falls, and they weren't any better than us.

I guess it's what you grow up enjoying. I was lucky enough to be around for the start of a franchise that may be around for my Grandkids. I know they are terrible, and I certainly do grill them every time I get a chance. But for me, like many of the older guys here, it's simply tough love for a team we still love, but can't afford to get to attached too.

I'm still A Toronto Raptor fan. I always will be. It's no fun when they suck, but if you are like me, its the little things.....

- watching a young guy make a good play, like davis, when he out quicks a guy on his drop step.
- forgetting that Bargnani is at a grade 11 level defensively, because he just blew your mind at how utterly unstoppable he can be offensively when he puts his mind to it. Trust me, you won't see many players that can do what he can in your lifetime. Enjoy the glimpses, he may never fully evolve, but hell, the glimpses are sublime.
- Seeing a guy like Triano succeed. He was a basketball hero for a few of us. A Canuck that could play with the best in the world. And now, we get to see a good man live his dream as the coach of the only Canadian franchise. Little fact for you, give that guy a contending roster, he's coach of the year, the dude is a fantastic coach.
- Vince Carter, Damon, T-Mac, Bosh, Turk, Mo Pete, Chauncey, hate these guys for having the nuts to bail on a situation they hated, I know I have hated um for it, but they were fun while we had them (well, maybe not Chauncey).
- seeing glimpses from guys that wouldn't have had a chance elsewhere.... and enjoying them when they came.... Who DIDN'T love Keon??? Pops??? Big ole Garth, Menghe...... ESPOSITO!!!! These guys are all shit, but they were good here and there and we loved um.

There's a lot for me to go into, so I'm stopping as I know most you guys havent even read this far. But ya know, fuck the rest of the league, my team is in my home, and I am cheering for the hometeam.


Go Raps
(they're still shitty)
Thanks !
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